New Threat On Facebook Spreads Via User Created Malicious Apps

A few days back, Websense security labs reported about a very critical threat spreading on Facebook. It is a malicious Facebook app that propagates via users themselves. It starts with an new application alert. If a users accepts to allow that application, it asks for extended access to the user account to post messages. If the user grants extended access, all his or her friends will be spammed with the same application. Some of the applications identified are as under:

Who Block me?
Who is in your mind?
Who Always Look into My Profile??
Who Always stalks Your Profile?
Who has checked your profile?
Who Always Appear Offline??
Who stalks your profile?
Who has seen my profile
Who is peeping your profile?
Baby nanny
Who Always Look into My Album??
Who loves you?
Who has Viewed Your profile?
Who had read my profile?
Who often check my album?
Whos viewing my profile
Who always Block me?
Who is reading your information?
Who love you?

This is an alert for everybody that one should very carefully allow application to the Facebook profile. If you want to check which applications are already allowed to post in your Facebook, go to your Facebook account –> Settings –>Applications

facebook application settings

See all the applications that have been granted access to your Facebook account. Pay special attention to the “Granted Additional Permissions” group in the drop down.





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  1. Judith Cabantac

    i like this…


    would like to know who has been looking on my facebook

  3. martina keyes

    who always views my profile on facebook

  4. Iambetterwithoutyou Draper

    would like to know who is my facebook stalker