New Gmail Design Changes Coming Soon

The new Gmail Inbox design

The look and feel of Gmail, Google’s popular free email service, will be revamped. This is according to a video mistakenly posted on the Gmail’s Youtube channel. Some of the new features of Gmail as highlighted in the video are as under:

Dynamic resizing

After the new update, Gmail will be able to adjust according to the browser size. All the sidebars including the labels and chat areas will be adjustable by the user.

High definition themes

High definition themes will be available in the new version of Gmail. High definition themes will offer hi-res images.

Redesigned conversation view

The email conversation view will be redesigned and will be made similar to social networking sites like Facebook and Google+. The new redesigned conversation view will be easier to use and will increase readability.

Easier advanced search

If we have to do an advanced search in the current version of Gmail, we have to go to advanced search and use advanced search operators in order to search for specific items. With the new search, the user will automatically see targeted search features along with normal search queries.
What do you think about this new version of Gmail? I hope this is a step which will move email to the social web.





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  1. Brad

    Like the new look of gmail