Monitor Does not Turn on After Resuming from Standby in Windows

Following is the question asked by harikrishna in Technize Forums:

sir iam having one probelm in my laptop that is after it is going to the standby state it is not again coming to the actual state so whenever it go to standby mode iam shutdown the system by using battery
every time battery is picked out

While researching, I thought I should share it with all the Technize readers. So here’s the solution:
This problem occurs only in Windows XP SP1 or less. I would recommend updating with the latest security updates of Windows.
Download the following registry file and double click it to add the information to the registry.
Restart your computer and now the problem should be solved.
[download id=”71″]






6 responses to “Monitor Does not Turn on After Resuming from Standby in Windows”

  1. Ryan

    umm… i have the same problem. i use vista and have all the latest updates.

  2. Steve

    Upon bootup my computer doesnt turn on the monitor. All I have to do is reset the computer and the monitor turns on. Any ideas?

  3. Matt

    This happened to two of my laptops. I resolved the issue be removing the battery and booting up using AC power only. Oddly enough it worked. I assume that the battery is dying or dead, but it’s just an assumption at this point.


    I had the same problem. Except the problem was that the cat got behind the tower and pulled the cord out just enough. Lesson learned. always use the the two screws to fasten the cable in there.
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  6. joseph tran

    oh windows vista computer ALL IN 1- i put it in standby,and i cliked the button to turn it on and it wont and now it doesnt even show any lights on.