Laptops Of The Future

Today a colleague of mine sent me a video showing the new concept of laptops called rolltop. I searched youtube for what is being conceptualized in the laptop world and came up with the following videos. See them and tell me what do you think about them 🙂



Microsoft Surface


ASUS Notebook Concept Design


Intel Multi-touch Multi-screen Concept Design


4D Systems uOLED Display


I hope you enjoyed these concepts and new upcoming designs. If you have any other video related to the new system designs, please let me know.





One response to “Laptops Of The Future”

  1. Refurbished Netbooks

    The Asus fold/Unfold design was the most interesting of this group,in my opinion. Have to wonder how the durability of these new thin products would be. I guess they will never come to the market if they are not trouble free.