Internet Explorer Error: The Memory Could Not Be Read

Kavi, a regular reader here asks about his problem that he’s facing. He asks:

Now a Days I’m facing following problem.On working more than one browser the error comes which I’ve attached here.Clicking OK button it disconnects Internet and all browsers as well.


Actually this is a problem with Internet Explorer 6 which Microsoft has confirmed. This error occurs with the websites which use long URL strings called from scripts. Internet Explorer uses Index.dat file to store all the URLs accessed through Internet Explorer but it is not good enough to store any additional information that Internet Explorer wants to save due to long URL string of the website. So some information is lost and when that webpage is accessed again, this error is displayed. A hotfix is available from Microsoft to correct this problem. Please follow the link below to request the hotfix from Microsoft.

Hotfix for Internet Explorer 6

I think Internet Explorer 6 should be upgraded to version 7 atleast which is more stable and more secure.

However my recommendation is to use Firefox which is more secure and fast and offers many other features which no other browser does. Follow the link below to download Firefox.