How to Use SEO for Managing Negative Publicity

While it is true that any kind of publicity, whether good or bad is good for business in the marketing realm, the same cannot be said of online marketing. A slight negative comment in regards to your products or services can result in reduced sales. In comparison to well-established businesses, small online startup establishments tend to suffer the most due to negative reviews. There are instances when the negative reviews are not only deep, but irreversible thereby compelling the business to shut down. In order to bring to an end bad publicity, it is paramount that you get to nip it in the bud by making use of SEO service. In case your business is suffering due to bad publicity, you will find this article quite an interesting read. Discussed herein, are a couple of SEO management tips that you need to familiarize yourself with.
What is Negative Publicity?
Negative publicity refers to negative comments, write-ups, reviews or contents that talk ill in regards to the products or services offered by your company. Well-known sites that are known for publishing negative comments as well as reviews is While the Better Business Bureau is known for publishing negative comments, it offers business owners to clarify the issues being raised by consumers. There are even instances when certain scammers go an extra mile to build a pseudo site using a domain name related to yours. For example, if your site domain name is, bad reviewers will create a pseudo site with the domain As such, prospective clients are more likely to find out what were the experiences of other consumers who purchased your products or services. This in turn increases the ranking of such sites in Google.
How Can You Manage Bad Publicity?
You can easily tackle pseudo sites that talk ill about your products or services by creating rich SEO contents that make known to prospective clients the benefits of your products or services. One way through which you can use SEO to promote your business is by making use of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In case the damage is not that bad, you can decrease the ranking of these sites by promoting your profile on social sites. On the other hand, you can try and get in touch with the users who have visited these pseudo sites and explain to them your products or services.
Publish More Reviews on the Internet
One of the easiest ways of dealing with bad publicity online is by creating review sites that talk about your products and services. What’s more is that, you can utilize bad phrases being peddled against your product to promote it. For example, you can create a review titled “Acne Cure Scam”. The article will be created around the keyword “Acne Cure Scam,” but you will be talking about the positive sides of your product.
As pointed out earlier, one of the reasons why pseudo sites are increasing in popularity is because they receive a lot of traffic. You too can create traffic to your site by publishing articles that talk about the positive sides of your products or services.
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  1. A positive review makes a lot of difference and all other tips you shared above are also vital for online marketing thanks for sharing it with me. these points are very valid and valuable for me.

  2. The Term SEO and Publicity have different means and different outcomes.In this Internet Era Business needs to choose what can really help in terms of their branding or just their website ranking..