How To Password Protect Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the most widely used internet browser even today when Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera are catching up fast. I usually use all the browsers for my work. There was a task assigned to me that I had to find a way to password protect Internet Explorer such that when we want to browse the internet, it asks for a password before continuing. I have found a way and want to share it here.
Basically Internet Explorer 8 has got many enhancements and one enhancement is its Content Advisor. It has been improved a lot. To enable password protection in Internet Explorer, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to Tools –> Internet Options –> Content
  3. Under Content Advisor, click Enable.
  4. Create a new admin password and a hint. Hint can be a message to the user who is opening a site in Internet Explorer.
  5. Adjust the ratings slider to None so that no website can be opened without a password.
  6. In General Tab make sure you have checked “Supervisor can type a password to allow users to view restricted content.

content advisor-Optimized
Now when you open any site in Internet Explorer, it will ask for a supervisor password like shown below.
content advisor password
You get three options:

  1. Always allow the site to be viewed without the password.
  2. Always allow that specific webpage to be viewed without the password.
  3. Allow the site to open one time only.

You can select any option of your choice. Enjoy the “trouble free security” of Internet Explorer 🙂





5 responses to “How To Password Protect Internet Explorer”

  1. me

    Man this is useless because you can browse internet even with the windows explorer.
    I’ve done that.Some idiots think they can restrain people’s right to freedom.
    F**k them!!!
    You have to do a lot more if you want to stop ppl using internet on a PC with windows as a OS.

  2. gerzy

    What if you forget yur password.?? how can i remove that settings…

  3. ahmedCo

    nice 1 for simple children security ..
    what abt firefox ? is there a way like that ??

  4. vasant

    hi i m having a wireless connection at my place and it is always on so i want to creat password for my internet explorer so that when ever any one on my pc and when they click on internet explorer so it should prompt for the password and it should be once .And once the explorer is close then if any one open the explorer so it should again ask for the password
    waiting for u r reply on my email address :

  5. Pauq

    I know another great free utility to password protect Firefox, it’s Rohos Mini Drive. I saw the article on how to password protect Chrome on their blog but it was easy for me to figure out how to do it with Firefox. Check it out!