How To Install Multiple Mouse And Keyboard On One Computer

Last time I wrote about two tools to control multiple computers with one mouse and keyboard. Today we’re going to talk about the reverse scenario in which we can use multiple mouse and keyboard on one computer. Normally when we attach two mouse or keyboards, both the mouse use the same cursor in order to move. But if we want to work in a collaboration environment, we would need multiple mouse and keyboards. See the picture below for example.

TeamPlayer is a software which allows anyone to connect multiple mouse and keyboards with one computer. Multiple people can work simultaneously each using their own cursor on the screen. This is especially useful in combined education, business meetings, games and security control rooms etc.

While it’s not free, TeamPlayer is really very easy to install and operate. Just download TeamPlayer, connect additional mouse and keyboards to the computer before installing TeamPlayer. After installation, activate the mouse by left clicking it.

One drawback of TeamPlayer is that it doesn’t detect installed devices in real time but you’ll need to close it and then run it again in order for it to detect all the mouse and keyboards.



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5 responses to “How To Install Multiple Mouse And Keyboard On One Computer”

  1. Rick

    Not free indeed – 299 pounds exclusive of VAT!

  2. Sanix

    I should have given the pricing structure in the original article. Anyways TeamPlayer Educational edition can be bought for 99 pounds (5 user license).
    I haven’t been able to find any free tool that does the same thing as TeamPlayer. If anyone knows about any free tool, please let me know.

  3. amerkiller1995

    here is a topic about a patch for Teamplayer
    the 6th post contains a link to a patch
    i haven’t tried it

    1. Sanix

      The link you gave requires me to register first and then I can see the thread..let me check it by registering though ..

  4. amerkiller1995

    sorry. i thought that i should give some credits to the site
    megaupload /?d=03XNWPMA
    that’s the link