How To Increase Virtual Memory In Windows XP

People often complaint that there PC is constantly showing up messages of low memory space. When you are in urgent need of your pc and your system crashes then you just feel banging your head against the wall. So just don’t hassle when you see messages like that because it is easy to increase virtual memory in windows XP.
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Virtual memory is a memory block allocated in the storage media and is used when the user has used all of the ram memory. It is commonly also referred to as paging memory and the content as page files. This helps in increasing the performance as it is being used as a virtual ram. Although the effects are not that fascinating (nor everybody would have an entire hard disk dedicated to It.) but still has visible effects. The procedure of increasing virtual memory is extremely simple.
Click Start > click Control Panel > click Performance and Maintenance > click System
Then go to “Advanced Tab” under “Virtual Memory” click “change”. Under Drive [Volume Label] click the drive that contains the paging file that you want to change. Under “Paging file size” for selected drive, click to “Custom size”. You can enter the amount of memory you would like to reserve for Virtual memory by entering the initial and maximum sizes. Click “set” and then restart the system when prompted by windows.
Cool advices:

  • It is advised to set the minimum and maximum amount of the paging files as same so that the CPU is not at liberty to make frequent changes
  • Also it is recommended the minimum size of the page file block should be at least 1.5 times the available RAM.

Just for your information, Virtual memory is a fake RAM in common language. When the computer has used the entire RAM for the storage then the rest of the data is shifted on the hard disk at empty locations. This process doesn’t stops here as the exchange from RAM to hard disk keeps on going as per the storage requirements. As we increase the virtual memory it directly means that we are keeping some space for the RAM overflow situation. It is required to increase the virtual memory because if there is not enough space in virtual memory then it will be difficult for the proper functioning of the RAM.
Besides the procedure mentioned above another way to increase the virtual memory in windows XP is by deleting or removing unnecessary registries. We can use software’s for registry cleaning and they remove resources from registries and protect our computer from crashing frequently. It deletes all the obsolete and corrupted entries from your PC. If you even don’t want to use these kind of software’s then manually erase all those things from your pc that are not in use. By doing this you will manually increase the memory space that is required for the proper functioning of the RAM. So now just don’t panic if your pc says low memory as you can easily increase the memory space to an acceptable limit by changing the control settings in your pc.
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