How To Get Email Account

Facebook has released the much awaited email service like Google’s Gmail called Social Inbox. It’s integrated with the Facebook itself. So in order to check your email, you need to login to your Facebook account. Facebook’s email service is not an exact email service as the messages don’t contain any subject, CC or BCC etc. But you can surely send and receive messages from any email address including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

facebook email

One of the features of Facebook’s Social Inbox is the arrangement of messages according to their priority like Gmail’s Priority Inbox. All the messages from friends are placed in one priority folder while other messages are kept in another folder making it easier for people to sort out important messages.

You can’t make a Facebook email account. It is rather an invite only service like Gmail when it began. Anyone can request the new Social Inbox service by going to Facebook Messages page.





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  1. Jennifer

    TOP SECRET! So I see this ad on Craigslist to test a new social media site… Curiosity gets the best of me… and I go in to test it. Wow! Was I in for a shock. If only Facebook new what is coming! While Google+ was rethinking social media and came out with a copy of Fb another team of people was unthinking it. For real. Unthink social media is literally the name. They have been in secret development for over 3 years!!! Kidding you not. This will blow the market open. How did they keep this SECRET? From what I saw it’s about to launch. Facebook and Google are in for a huge surprise.