How To Activate Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security 2010 Using A License Key File

I have been using Kaspersky products for a long time and I trust them very much. Their security products are really up to the mark and protect as per their promise. I recently downloaded Kaspersky Antivirus 2010 because I was gifted with a license of the latest version by my friend. But the problem was that there was no option to enter the license key in the license interface. It gives only three options given in the picture below:
kaspersky activation wizard
One is through the activation license and the other one is purchasing a license through the internet and the last one is activating a trial license.
But I had the activation key which was a file that could be activated in Kaspersky 2009 products. I did a little research and found out that there’s a hidden way to activating Kaspersky 2010 products using the License key file. Here is how to activate Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet Security 2010 using a license key file:
First disable your internet connection. Now click on License on the footer of the Kaspersky product.
kaspersky license-Optimized
Now select Activate New License.
activate new license-Optimized
Now select activate trial license and click next.
activate trial license-Optimized
It will give an error and then it will show a screen where you can browse your license file and activate Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet security.
kaspersky license error-Optimized

Enjoy the trouble free security of Kaspersky.

37 thoughts on “How To Activate Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security 2010 Using A License Key File”

  1. sir do u have a commercial licensed that will help me not to activate the trial option.cause i do want to have atleast a6 to 9 months of nativirus plz email me your answer…marlon of the philippines

  2. This site offers more than you can imagine.Its amizing,i mean its the bomb.special thanks to its developers and may you continue with the spirit

    • Thanks a lot for the compliments Benjamin. We certainly need your appreciation and help to keep going. Be a part of Technize community 🙂

  3. Very Gud
    Thanks guy^^
    for Rayne: u got the right key? or your key version suitable with kaspersky? there was 2 kind of Kaspersky= KIS n KAV ( find the meaning yourself )…..
    I try to unplugged the internet cable, it’s work^^

  4. I call bullsht000 on this whole thread, first of all – the pictures you posted are photoshopped, second, you cannot select “activate trial license” when your trial is expired, making it completely pointless as your post started getting stupidly fake after about 2 pictures.
    Oh, and there’s 3 buttons on the license page, not 2.

  5. I can not believe that all the crackers of the world can crack things as difficult as Dongles associated with four and five thousand dollar programs, but nobody, to this day, can come up with a “VALID” hack for Kaspersky’s Blacklisting.

  6. Do you also know where KAV stores it’s keyfiles?
    I want to transfer my legit key to my other PC but i cannot find it…

  7. eeej pussy’s :p i have found a new keygen from a vip site.
    but you have to intell Microsoft .NET framework 3.0 to run the keygen it have ksp 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 and 10 key’s all in one
    and It’s wryly working
    Kaspersky 2010 Top Secret Coderin Hi-ViP.rar ciaoo xx

  8. hi guys
    please send me kaspersky anti virus registration key i install trial version butt he is expire and i have no money for activation because i am student i can’t afford it please help me

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  10. Fantastic site, where did you come up with the info in this write-up? I’m happy I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

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