GVNotifier – The Google Voice Desktop Client

Google Voice is a telecommunication service from Google. It offers a lot of features. You need to sign up with Google Voice in order to use the services. After signing up, you can have one Google number which can be associated with multiple numbers like Work, Home, Mobile etc. Now you can configure if anyone calls on your Google number, it will be forwarded to all your phones or just specific ones. Google Voice will just give you an additional number which will remain the same no matter how many times your other numbers are changed.
If you are a frequent user of Google Voice then it’s pretty odd opening Google Voice website again and again for using it. GVNotifier is a very powerful software that brings all the features of Google Voice to the desktop. It integrates with Windows 7 nicely and offers features like Google contacts address book, call history, voice mail transcriptions and audio playback and connecting calls to your contacts with just a single click. GVNotifier resides in the status bar and you can access it from there. If you are using Windows 7 then you can also make use of the Jumplists feature that is enabled for GVNotifier.

GVNotifier can also be run as a portable application. Just copy everything from the GVNotifier installation folder and paste it in your portable device like USB Drive and create a blank file settings.xml in the same folder where the files are copied. The software will work as a portable app from there. There are some shortcuts that GVNotifier supports:
CTRL – N Clear the message log
CTRL – R Check for new messages instantly
CTRL – ENTER Insert new line
ESCAPE Close the window
GVNotifier requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher in order to be installed. GVNotifier can be downloaded from GVNotifier website.