Fully Optimize Windows Vista Services

Windows Vista has been pathetic in terms of resource usage. Even with a system of relative high configuration it runs rather slow. The cause of this slowness seems to be a ton of services running in the background that are by default started automatically at Windows startup.
We have already written about disabling services to speed up Windows XP and also about disabling some services to speed up Windows Vista. But the problem with these manual methods is that only moderately literate users can understand which services are important for them and which are slowing down the system and need to be disabled.

Today while browsing the internet, I found a small free utility which can do all this hectic work automatically. It will automatically disable services which are not used by most of the people. It’s called Vista Services Optimizer. This free tool can optimize the performance of Windows Vista a lot.
Another advantage of Vista Services Optimizer is that it is not only automatic for general users but also can be used by advanced users as it also offers manual selection of services to be disabled. Vista Services Optimizer will provide a detailed overview of almost all the services.
Vista Services Optimizer can also inspect the performance of the system. So if the performance of the system is going down, you can optimize it a little more.
And last but not least, it’s safe to use Vista Services Optimizer as it creates a backup of the system state so that if anything goes wrong, the backup of the system is readily available and can be restored immediately.







5 responses to “Fully Optimize Windows Vista Services”

  1. Saahir

    Cool , i am tired of getting allow or block prompt in VISTA .

    1. Sanix

      @Saahir, you can turn off that annoying allow or block prompt (aka User Access Control) by using the method in the following article:

  2. Mutant

    Great job dear!
    I wish & pray that you continue like this.

    1. Sanix

      Thanks Mutant. We’re missing you here at Technize. Hopefully you’ll be alright and your life would be going smoothly.

  3. Neeraj’s Software Discussion

    Windows Vista is surely a slower version when compared to Windows XP. Although it gives some unique features nobody really wants all those features.