Free Task Manager, Services Manager And Startup Manager For Windows

There are a lot of task managers and other system utilities for Windows that serve as an alternative to Windows built-in utilities. We, at Technize, have reviewed a few of them like Windows Task Manager alternatives, ProcX the light weight task manager or Powerexes of Abdullah.
For the last month, I have been using another free task manager for Windows with which I have been completely satisfied. It is like an all in one solution. It is a task manager like Windows Task Manager but gives a lot more details about the applications and the processes running.
anvir application tab
It also show the startup items in a different tab. We can enable or disable the startup items. It gives the startup location of the startup item and if it’s running right now or not.
anvir startup tab
It also guards the startup items. If any new startup item is added, it alerts the user and gives the option to allow or block the startup item.
startup items add anvir
The thing I love about AnVir Task Manager is the level of detail that it gives about each process which includes the process name, its corresponding startup entry, the processor time it is taking, the disk load it is taking, network usage of each process, memory usage, location of the file running and alot more.
The performance tab give all this information in the form of a running graph.
anvir performance tab
We can also manage the services like in msconfig. We can easily enable or disable services. It gives full details about the services.
anvir services
Homepage: AnVir

Download: AnVir Free Edition






2 responses to “Free Task Manager, Services Manager And Startup Manager For Windows”

  1. MertMac

    I recommend WinPatrol free version as a startup program manager, specially I like the delay startup option.

    1. Sanix

      MertMac, WinPatrol is also very good. I also use WinPatrol and Startup Delayer for startup options. I have written about WinPatrol here: