Free Online Virus Scanners

One of the benefits of online virus scanning is that it doesn’t have to do with installing anything on your system. Only a browser plugin is installed. And you get the latest protection against threats at no cost. Here is my list of online virus scanners. I think it would be great if you people can add your choices to this list:
1- BitDefender Online Virus Scanner (Requires IE4 +)
2- TrendMicro HouseCall
3- Symantec Security Check (Requires IE5 +)
4- Panda ActiveScan
5 – Kaspersky FileChecker (Checks only one file for viruses)
6- Mcafee FreeScan
Please add your favourite online virus scanners here.





9 responses to “Free Online Virus Scanners”

  1. yasir

    thank u so much for your help in removing Ravmon Virus

  2. Mansoor Ahmad

    System is too slow speed in any software programe is opened

  3. abhinav

    it worked

  4. pardeep

    rav mon killer

  5. khalid salar

    My “FOlder Option” and “Run” is missing.
    I have scanned my pc but still same problem ?

  6. Lee R

    hey if your run and folder options are missing from the start then right click on the task bar which is at the bottom of the screen and then select and click on properties and then click on the tab “start menu”..then click to select classic menu, click on customize and then check the box that says “run and folder options”
    apply ok

  7. from nepal

    This is fine for protect virus. Thanks

  8. brij

    this pages are not working for me…..

  9. ram niwas

    hey dear as u mentiond to recover “folder option” by using ‘regedit’ method, i tried this method but i can’t see “Explorer inside Policies” HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
    what should i do plz help me.