Fifa Football World Cup 2010 Results Calculator

I have previously given the schedule of the football world cup 2010 that has already begun. One of my friends has made an interesting program in Microsoft Excel which can give you the accurate results of the world cup tournament.
One only has to input the no. of goals scored by each team and rest will be calculated by the program.
fifa world cup 2010 results calculator

For example I take the first two days of the world cup. There were 5 matches in these two day between different teams. The goals per team are as follows:

Team 1 Goals Team 2 Goals
South Africa 1 Mexico 1
Uruguay 0 France 0
Argentine 1 Nigeria 0
Korea Republic 2 Greece 0
England 1 USA 1

Now let’s enter these goals in our programs and see the output. The output is given in the following picture:
fifa world cup 2010 calculator results
We have automatically got the points table on the right hand side that is automatically updated upon entering the goals. So just keep entering the goals and you’ll get all the results at a glance.
Download the Excel file from below:
[download id=”333″]






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    Argentina performing well in this Tournament, I think the improvement is due to the new coach Diego Maradona.
    So I am sure that Argentina is going to win the FIFA 2010 Tournament.