Edit Advanced File Types Associations And Properties

Windows Explorer gives us a way to edit the file types that Windows is handling but it is way to complex for most of us to even find the options. There are many utilities that make it easy for us to handle the file types. I have tested many of these utilities and recently found out Types which seems to be very useful and quite advanced.

types setup

Types gives quite a lot of options about file type associations. During the installation you can specify where you want to install Types. I prefer the Control Panel option. The Desktop option didn’t work for me but after installation I can simply go to Control Panel and click on Types to open the program.

 change file type

Types gives option to rename, edit or delete an extension from the system. If you want to edit the properties of a file type, double click on that file type and then select an option from the drop down menu. The only option missing in this utility that I would love to have is the search option otherwise it’s perfect for normal and even advanced usage. Download Types from here.





One response to “Edit Advanced File Types Associations And Properties”

  1. geoffc

    Great.A much better way of altering/editing associations.Just what I needed at the moment after an encounter with some malware which wiped all my file associations !