Download Little Fighter 2 PC Game Free

Publisher: Little Fighter 
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
License: Freeware
Type: Game
Download: Download Little Fighter 2 Game

Little Fighter 2 is a great PC game which is made as a sequel to Little Fighter 1. Up to 4 players can play the game on one computer or 8 players can play the game over the Internet. You need to fight against each other. Attacking another player loses his health points. The player gets defeated when the HP (Health Points) becomes zero.

Little Fighters 2

Items will occasionally fall on the screen which you can pick up and throw on the other player. You can also set the difficulty to easy, normal or difficult.

Little Fighters 2 characters

Game modes:

There are 5 different game modes of Little Fighter 2.

  1. VS Mode allows human and computer players to fight each other.
  2. Stage mode walks you through 5 stages of the game.
  3. Championship mode will let everybody fight as a single entity. The one who survives all the fights is the winner of the tournament.
  4. Battle mode is the team based mode where two teams fight each other.
  5. Demo mode creates random computer teams where they fight each other. No human player is involved.





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  1. great post. I am big lover of games and this free downloading post really inspired me. thanks for sharing it with me. keep up the right and great work.

  2. Rick

    You forgot to mention Conduit (malware at best) is included with this “free” software.

    1. @Rick: Thanks for the mention Rick. Everyone should avoid installing Conduit. If anyone has already installed it, just uninstall it from the Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs.