Download Google Chrome OS RC

Be aware, this is not Google Chrome web browser, it’s the new Google Operating System, Chrome OS. Google has been working on their own Operating System for quite a while and finally the Release Candidate of the OS is out and is available for download. It was announced in Google Event where the Chrome OS was running on a 12.1” laptop called CR-48. According to Matt Cutts, they taped video for 8 hours using this CR-48 Chrome OS notebook and still the battery remain was 25% (another 1.5 hours). This will be amazing that a notebook can run all day without external power.
google chrome os

Google Chrome OS has been designed for the web. So the users who remain connected to the web all the time will benefit from this new OS. The good thing about it is that it has been built with security in mind. So we don’t have to install a separate malware protection solution. Chrome notebooks use advanced technology to help prevent malware and viruses from accessing your data. Chrome OS runs from a Read Only Memory source so it’ll not be possible for the malware to compromise the core Operating System functionality which is a great addition to security. No need for re-installations due to corrupt systems. Here are some of the features of Chrome OS Linux:

  • GNOME 2.30 desktop environment
  • Google Chrome 9.0.576 web browser
  • Google Picasa 2.7 photo manager
  • 3.2 office suite
  • GIMP 2.6 image editor
  • Flash Player 10.1 plugin
  • Wine Windows emulator 1.2
  • Pidgin 2.6 instant messenger
  • Dashboard in web browser

Chrome web store has got loads of web apps to be used with Chrome OS. The apps range from productivity, games, communication, entertainment and news. Here’s a very good video about the apps of Chrome Notebooks.

Chrome OS can be downloaded from getchrome website. The latest version is Chrome OS Linux 0.9576 RC. This is a live CD which can also be installed on to the computer but it should be noted that Chrome OS is not compatible with dual booting with other Operating Systems. Here are the hardware system requirements for Chrome OS:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium, Xeon or newer; AMD Duron, Athlon, Sempron, Opteron or newer
  • RAM: min. 256 MB
  • Hard disk: min. 1 GB
  • Graphics card: supports most modern graphics cards



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7 responses to “Download Google Chrome OS RC”

  1. Sasa Stefanovic

    This is fake, do not download this one, it’s not Chrome OS. This is some linux version with Google Chrome WEB BROWSER preinstalled. So, please DONT download anything from that site.

  2. Sanix

    @Sasa Stefanovic
    Yes you are right. Google Chrome OS is based on Linux and optimized for internet usage and keeping security in mind.

  3. Drake Remore

    Scam. The official Google Chrome and it’s open source “ChromiumOS” were designed for netbooks that don’t have cdrom drives. It would have been less a scam if it was a usb image but it’s not. That was the first red flag. Also, Chrome OS is a very slim linux. It doesn’t come with Gimp or Wine or Open Office. All of those defeat the whole purpose of Chrome which is a web based OS. SCAM!

  4. Sasa Stefanovic

    As i said earlier, i totaly agree with @Drake. Sanix, you’re wrong, did you even tried this one “linux distro” named “ChromeOS” ?

  5. Sanix

    @Drake Remore
    If you have read the whole article and followed the link I’ve given, you can easily find the live CD ISO image which you can download and burn on a CD to run ChromeOS from the CD-ROM. Or else you can also download the USB image in order to run it from a USB flash drive. You can download the images from here:
    @Sasa Stefanovic
    Yes I have actually tried this Operating System but I’ve tried the previous build, not the latest one. As need a computer not just for browsing, that’s why ChromeOS is not for me. It’s only for those who spend all their time on the internet.

  6. Sasa Stefanovic

    LOL mate, you dont even know what chromeOS is. It’s completly new OS, not some fork of Ubuntu, like you give us link here. Real link is and if you want to try it, i’m suggesting you to try hexxes build that is READ CHROME OS ! You can also compare screenshots from original link and this one fork, you give us. All best !

    1. Sanix

      @Sasa Stefanivic
      I know Chromium but I’m talking about Google Chrome OS which is a modified form of Chromium like Google Chrome browser.