Download Google Chrome 9 Final for Windows, Mac and Linux

Google Chrome 9 Final has been released. I have been following the development of Google Chrome and gave the downloads of Chrome 8 final, Chrome 9 beta and Chrome 10 beta. Google is working on Chrome aggressively and has released the final version of Chrome 9.

The prominent features of Google Chrome 9 include the following:

Google Instant will automatically load pages as you type the URL making the load time of any URL less. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled in Options.

WebGL enables the developers to build 3D graphics within the browser.

WebP is the new image format for the web. This can reduce the image size substantially enabling faster downloading and loading of images.

Cloud Printing enables the printing of documents from anywhere on the web even from the smartphones.

Chrome Webstore is there for your shopping needs. Get hundreds of paid and free apps for Chrome from the Webstore.

Download Google Chrome 9 Final for Windows

Download Google Chrome 9 Final for Mac

Download Google Chrome 9 Final for Linux