Convert Any Multimedia File To Any Another Format

There are quite a number of times that we want to have our file to be in a specific format. For example, I usually prefer png images instead of jpeg. So whenever I find a jpeg image, I want to convert it to png but there is no easy way to do the conversion except to go for heavy software like Adobe Photoshop. Today I found out a software that can convert almost every media file to any other media format. It is great to have it in my software collection as it seems to be all in one converter that I need. I don’t have to switch between software to do my conversations. Some of the features of Format Factory are given below:

  1. It supports all the popular video, audio and picture formats.
  2. It can repair a damaged video or audio file.
  3. It can even reduce the file size.
  4. Picture conversions support zoom, rotate, flip images.
  5. DVD Ripper (I haven’t checked it but it’s available)

Here is the List of all the multimedia file formats that are available for conversion.
The software can be downloaded from below:
[download id=”25″]
Update: If the above link does not work, then you can download the file from our servers below:
[download id=”26″]
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  1. Thanks very much premanand and Towhid for informing about the broken link. Now I have uploaded the file to technize server so that it is always available. Enjoy 🙂

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