Convert Video/Audio Free Between Formats AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, SWF, 3GP, DVD, MPEG, MP3

It’s really hard to find a video converter or an audio converter that has got all the abilities to convert from one format to another. The most used formats are AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, SWF, 3GP, DVD, MPEG and MP3. The only problem that I face almost all the time is that I find some tools for converting some formats and still need to find more tools to convert other videos. There was no tool available with me that could convert all the types which are compatible with certain smart phones like iPhone or Youtube.

At Technize, we have already reviewed free audio, video and DVD tools from DVDSoft. We also talked about converting media online without downloading and installing anything on to the computer. You could convert files form video, audio, text, spreadsheets, presentation, database, images, vector document, compressed files etc. But today I have found a free tool that can convert most of the popular multimedia formats .
Free Video Converter from Freemake is a free tool that can convert between formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, SWF, 3GP, DVD, MPEG, MP3. These are just the popular ones. Actually it can convert between more than 200+ formats. If you’re using iPhone, iPod, Android phone etc then this is the perfect tool for you as it can handle almost all the conversions that are required to play a video in these smart phones.
One more feature that attracts attention is the ability to adjust the output format size. You can cut, join or rotate the videos according to your needs. If you are converting an audio, then you can add visualizations or even photo slideshows to the audio in order to make it visually appealing. Recently I started playing with Youtube videos and it’s really easy for me to edit the videos in Free Video Converter, convert them into compatible format and then upload the videos directly from within Free Video Converter. Free Video Converter can be downloaded from Freemake.





2 responses to “Convert Video/Audio Free Between Formats AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, SWF, 3GP, DVD, MPEG, MP3”

  1. alexsupra

    it requires dotnet4. its rather important fact and should be mentioned above.

  2. Sanix

    My system has already got the latest version of dotNET on my system that’s why didn’t figure out if it was required. Anyways, thanks a lot for letting everybody know 🙂