Computer Clock Does Not Show Correct Time After Restart

sweet ThinkGeek LED clockA user asked me about a problem he was having about his computer clock. His computer clock was not showing correct time after the PC was restarted no matter how many times the clock is adjusted but the same situation occurs every time the system is restarted.
I investigated the issue and here’s the solution that we got.

The first solution that I have got from my experience was to replace the system BIOS battery. If the battery becomes low, then the computer clock will keep on resetting every time the computer is restarted. But that was not the case this time.
It was the the wrong Windows time zone that was creating the problem. The user had set the correct time zone but with DST but Day Light Savings were not being implemented in his country. So selecting the correct time zone and disabling DST solved his issue.






13 responses to “Computer Clock Does Not Show Correct Time After Restart”

  1. Chiranjib

    Another problem regrding time issue is that you will notice your systm time changed even when the system is not restarted.
    This problem generally happens when you have set incorrect time zone and automatic time update mode is cheacked.
    when u connect to internet the time is updated according to the time zone.
    So it is advised to set the correct time zone.

  2. rajiv

    i replace bios battrie.i chose correct time zone but still my pc show incorrect time after every start up.

  3. rajiv

    can you tell where this DST setting is located in pc so that i would be able to disable it.plz help

  4. Wolfos

    I don’t have a BIOS (I have EFI), why does my laptop keep forgetting the time?


    my computer doesn’n show correct time even if i set right time after i restart it agai show 1 jan 2007,1 am.
    i have changed the time in cmos bios but still same problem,i updated time through internet time but again when i restart 01-01-2001,1 am.
    so what can i do to make it correct

  6. Michael Sparks

    Ranveer, it sounds like your CMOS battery is dead.

  7. irwan

    got same problem but when revert back to winxp its back normal. no cmos battery replaced.

  8. manoj

    i replace bios battrie.i chose correct time zone but still my pc show incorrect time after every start up.

  9. Soahm

    I recommended that when you replace the cmos battery,as confirm all system power off.Then the battery remove.Otherwise you will face serious problem that means it may goes to damage BIOS chip.So,be carefull.
    Same as 1st remove laptop charging port,then remove laptop battery then remove CMOS battery.
    If you face no display or no Boot problem then you must be change cmos battery and turn on your pc/laptop,and wait 15min.then go to switch off and return to turn on.

  10. irwan

    weird .. i add memory capacity and now it works normal again in win7 without replacing CMOS battery.
    Is it any relationship with MEMORY CAPACITY?

  11. Alan

    I have this problem but I think it has to do with the fact that I dual boot with Ubuntu. Win7 is on a diff drive and not primary. It goes through a boot loader to start. Maybe this is the reason and somehow screws with access to bios clock time. The time is just fine under linux which is on the primary drive.

  12. Muhib

    Every time I turn off or on my iphone the clock changes or whenever I syncing the iphone to the computer the iphone time changes to a wrong time setting. when I set the time and date manually and if I turn on the automatic button on the time suddenly changes to a wrong time setting. if I turn off the automatic button in my iphone and set the time and date then it is ok but even that after turn on and off the iphone the time setting changes,

  13. Same issue is with my new laptop I bought it new one week ago and now it also have the problem of forgoting the time,My time zone is correct,no issue of DLS,Laptop is new so no issue of bettery .
    Running W7 on HP (I 7).Is there any way to resolve this problem ????