Complete Information About Fifa Football World Cup 2010 Including Teams, Schedules, Groups And Results

wc2010logo Fifa Football World Cup is going to start from 11th of June, 2010. I just wanted to share a few information bits that I have organized about the world cup.

Here I will discuss about:

  • World cup teams
  • Date wise complete matches information
  • First round group matches information
  • Quarter finals
  • Semi Finals
  • The Final

The teams competing in Fifa World Cup 2010:

There are 32 teams taking part in the world cup 2010. Here are their names. Click on any of the team for more details about that specific team.

1 Algeria 17 Korea DPR
2 Argentina 18 Korea Republic
3 Australia 19 Mexico
4 Brazil 20 Netherlands
5 Cameroon 21 New Zealand
6 Chile 22 Nigeria
7 Côte d’Ivoire 23 Paraguay
8 Denmark 24 Portugal
9 England 25 Serbia
10 France 26 Slovakia
11 Germany 27 Slovenia
12 Ghana 28 South Africa
13 Greece 29 Spain
14 Honduras 30 Switzerland
15 Italy 31 Uruguay
16 Japan 32 USA

Teams have been divided into 8 groups, 4 teams in each group. Here are the groups:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
South Africa Argentina England Germany
Mexico Nigeria USA Australia
Uruguay Korea Republic Algeria Serbia
France Greece Slovenia Ghana
Group E Group F Group G Group H
Netherlands Italy Brazil Spain
Denmark Paraguay Korea DPR Switzerland
Japan New Zealand Côte d’Ivoire Honduras
Cameroon Slovakia Portugal Chile

Starting from 11th of June 2010 till 25th June, there will be 48 matches in total. Here is the detail for all the matches:

Match # Date Time Team 1 Team 2 Venue Group
1 11-Jun 16:00 South Africa Mexico Johannesburg – JSC A
2 11-Jun 20:30 Uruguay France Cape Town A
3 12-Jun 16:00 Argentina Nigeria Johannesburg – JEP B
4 12-Jun 13:30 Korea Republic Greece Port Elizabeth B
5 12-Jun 20:30 England USA Rustenburg C
6 13-Jun 13:30 Algeria Slovenia Polokwane C
7 13-Jun 20:30 Germany Australia Durban D
8 13-Jun 16:00 Serbia Ghana Pretoria D
9 14-Jun 13:30 Netherlands Denmark Johannesburg – JSC E
10 14-Jun 16:00 Japan Cameroon Bloemfontein E
11 14-Jun 20:30 Italy Paraguay Cape Town F
12 15-Jun 13:30 New Zealand Slovakia Rustenburg F
13 15-Jun 16:00 Côte d’Ivoire Portugal Port Elizabeth G
14 15-Jun 20:30 Brazil Korea DPR Johannesburg – JEP G
15 16-Jun 13:30 Honduras Chile Nelspruit H
16 16-Jun 16:00 Spain Switzerland Durban H
17 16-Jun 20:30 South Africa Uruguay Pretoria A
18 17-Jun 20:30 France Mexico Polokwane A
19 17-Jun 16:00 Greece Nigeria Bloemfontein B
20 17-Jun 13:30 Argentina Korea Republic Johannesburg – JSC B
21 18-Jun 13:30 Germany Serbia Port Elizabeth D
22 18-Jun 16:00 Slovenia USA Johannesburg – JEP C
23 18-Jun 20:30 England Algeria Cape Town C
24 19-Jun 16:00 Ghana Australia Rustenburg D
25 19-Jun 13:30 Netherlands Japan Durban E
26 19-Jun 20:30 Cameroon Denmark Pretoria E
27 20-Jun 13:30 Slovakia Paraguay Bloemfontein F
28 20-Jun 16:00 Italy New Zealand Nelspruit F
29 20-Jun 20:30 Brazil Côte d’Ivoire Johannesburg – JSC G
30 21-Jun 13:30 Portugal Korea DPR Cape Town G
31 21-Jun 16:00 Chile Switzerland Port Elizabeth H
32 21-Jun 20:30 Spain Honduras Johannesburg – JEP H
33 22-Jun 16:00 Mexico Uruguay Rustenburg A
34 22-Jun 16:00 France South Africa Bloemfontein A
35 22-Jun 20:30 Nigeria Korea Republic Durban B
36 22-Jun 20:30 Greece Argentina Polokwane B
37 23-Jun 16:00 Slovenia England Port Elizabeth C
38 23-Jun 16:00 USA Algeria Pretoria C
39 23-Jun 20:30 Ghana Germany Johannesburg – JSC D
40 23-Jun 20:30 Australia Serbia Nelspruit D
41 24-Jun 16:00 Slovakia Italy Johannesburg – JEP F
42 24-Jun 16:00 Paraguay New Zealand Polokwane F
43 24-Jun 20:30 Denmark Japan Rustenburg E
44 24-Jun 20:30 Cameroon Netherlands Cape Town E
45 25-Jun 16:00 Portugal Brazil Durban G
46 25-Jun 16:00 Korea DPR Côte d’Ivoire Nelspruit G
47 25-Jun 20:30 Chile Spain Pretoria H
48 25-Jun 20:30 Switzerland Honduras Bloemfontein H

Here is the picture of how the world will commence, which teams will qualify for the next rounds of the world cup:

fifa world cup 2010 match web

Here is some of the information about the schedule of Round of 16 (after the group matches), quarter finals, semi finals and finals taken from the Fifa official website:

fifa world cup 2010 match schedules

fifa world cup 2010 match schedule final

I hope this information is useful for the fans of football. If anyone else wants to share interesting information about the fifa football world cup 2010, you can comment here or mail me directly at

Coming next is the download for the official world cup songs directly from and ways to watch football matches live online 🙂 If anyone has information regarding these, kindly let me know through comments or email.



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