Category: Windows Vista

  • Backup And Restore Selective Windows Drivers

    In my previous articles, I have written about 3 ways to find unknown device drivers in Windows and also how to automatically identify and download essential drivers in Windows. I have also written about updating and identifying unknown system drivers. Today I want to write about how to backup and restore drivers in Windows. There […]

  • Move Windows User Profile To Another Location

    Previously I wrote about how to recover a corrupted Windows user profile. Now I want to write about how to move Windows user profile to another location. There are times when you will want to do this. I wanted to do this because the Windows drive was almost full and I wanted to move the […]

  • 3 Tools To Speed Up & Optimize Windows Startup

    Everyone wants a system that boots in as less time as possible. Some people do not shutdown their systems just because it takes a long time to start up again. Here I’ll discuss 3 utilities for analyzing the Windows startup. After analyzing, you will be able to see which file or program is actually taking […]

  • Fix: Windows Vista cannot obtain an IP address

    Today one of my network machines running Windows Vista couldn’t obtain an IP address through DHCP. DHCP server was running fine and all other machines running Windows XP could obtain an IP address through the DHCP server properly. This meant that there was some problem with the machine itself. I tested it out with another […]