Backup And Restore Selective Windows Drivers

In my previous articles, I have written about 3 ways to find unknown device drivers in Windows and also how to automatically identify and download essential drivers in Windows. I have also written about updating and identifying unknown system drivers.
Today I want to write about how to backup and restore drivers in Windows. There are several utilities which do backup and restore work automatically. The problem with these kinds of utilities is that they will backup and restore each and every kind of driver installed in the system making them a bulky solution for this purpose. There are a few solutions that offer selective drivers backup and restore but the process seems very complex for selecting the required driver.

Double Driver is a freeware tool that can give you a list of drivers installed in the system, their versions, the date installed and the provider. With all this detail, it becomes very easy to identify and backup specific drivers.
The biggest advantage Double Driver over other utilities is that it can even backup drivers from dead and non-booting Windows installations. So now we can just plug in the hard drive to another computer and backup the drivers of our choice from the corrupted system.
Another advantage is that this utility is portable and requires no installations hence fitting into the Ultimate Admins Toolbox.
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  1. Active Directory Tools

    Good find, always like finding new tools that are small and can put on my flash drive.

  2. video driver update

    Cool, I was able to find and update every bad driver installed on my computer. You guys are the best! Thanks!