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  • Download Latest Google Chrome 8.0.552.215 Offline Full Setup

    Google Chrome has just been released. The latest version is 8.0.552.215. There are more than 800 bug fixes and other improvements  in the new Google Chrome. Now Chrome also includes a built in PDF viewer so there is no need to install the plugin for PDF viewer in the new Google Chrome.

  • 10 Tips for Networking Printers

    Working in an office environment with more than one computer requires having the ability to share a printer over a network. Otherwise, the office will have to incur the expensive cost of individual printers. Space and money is saved when one printer is shared over a network. The size of your office has different context…

  • RIAA Kills LimeWire Who’s Next?

    As part of an on-going lawsuit between, the popular P2P file sharing software, and 13 major record labels, U.S. District Court Judge Kimba Wood has issued an injunction requiring LimeWire to immediately disable its peer-to-peer, music and file sharing software. George Searle, LimeWire’s CEO, said in a statement, “We are required to stop distribution…

  • Update Portable Softwares Automatically With Portable Software Updater

    If you are addicted to portable software and use them a lot then you must have observed that there is no update option for the portable versions of the software. Thus one has to update each and every portable software manually. This becomes a headache especially when one has a large collection of portable software.

  • Windows Desktop Shell Replacement – SharpEnviro

    SharpE is a Windows Desktop replacement which is not as light as the default Windows Desktop but not very heavy like other alternatives. It changes the Start Menu, taskbar, system tray and the desktop.

  • Advanced Recycle Bin Manager – RecycleBinEx

    I usually delete the files and keep them in the Recycle bin for a few days so that if I want to recover any files, I can easily do so from the Recycle bin. Windows Recycle bin is too simple to get these tasks done. So I use RecycleBinEx.

  • Microsoft Office 2010 Prices

    Microsoft Office 2010 beta has been released recently. We have covered downloading Microsoft Office 2010 RTM and then how to use Microsoft Office 2010 for 6 months free of cost. Today I want to mention about the pricing of Microsoft Office 2010 to let everybody know which version to select financially. We will also go…

  • 3 Tools To Speed Up & Optimize Windows Startup

    Everyone wants a system that boots in as less time as possible. Some people do not shutdown their systems just because it takes a long time to start up again. Here I’ll discuss 3 utilities for analyzing the Windows startup. After analyzing, you will be able to see which file or program is actually taking…

  • New Software To Offer ‘Live’ Website Design

    Note: This is a guest post from Thomas Webster of Basekit. A group of British software developers have announced that they are to launch an online service that lets web designers create rich, dynamic websites live online – without having to code. BaseKit is a next generation website builder which automatically converts user-uploaded Photoshop designs…

  • The Requested Operation Requires Elevation

    When Windows Vista came, it had a lot of features that were useful and a lot of them were just annoying. One feature that I liked was that now it has a dedicated Super Administrator hidden account. Normal administrative accounts are not allowed to do certain system level tasks that can prove harmful to system…