Advanced Recycle Bin Manager – RecycleBinEx

I usually delete the files and keep them in the Recycle bin for a few days so that if I want to recover any files, I can easily do so from the Recycle bin. Windows Recycle bin is too simple to get these tasks done. So I use RecycleBinEx.

RecycleBinEx is an advanced and easy to use recycle bin manager. It enhances the existing Recycle Bin with many options like permanently deleting the items that were move to recycle bin 7 days ago or a month ago. This way I don’t have to sort out which recycle bin items to delete and which ones to leave for a few more days. Another benefit of RecycleBinEx is that it can manage the Recycle Bins of multiple operating systems. For example if you have Windows XP and Windows 7 installed on the same system, RecycleBinEx will manage the Recycle Bins of both the operating systems.
RecycleBinEx is very easy to use because it integrates in the context menu of the existing Recycle Bin. This way we get all the options when we right click on our Recycle Bin. No need to run RecycleBinEx every time we need some advanced functions.
Download RecycleBinEx from here.