Send Free Self Destructing Video eMails

If you want to send someone a video message but you want the video deleted instantly after the person has viewed the video, mailVU has the right set of tools for you. mailVU provides the ability to record a video email and send it to anyone but with some restrictions. The videos can be recorded from a webcam. Adobe Flash is required in order to record a video with mailVU.

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Backup And Download The Whole Facebook Account–Photos, Wall Posts, Status Updates Etc

download facebook dataThere is a feature in Facebook which not many people will be familiar with. This feature is that Facebook now lets you download all your data including your photos, wall posts, status updates etc. from Facebook to your computer for free. This option is available in order for everyone to have control over their Facebook account data. So if you want to delete your Facebook account but want to backup everything in your account then I will tell you how you can backup your Facebook account.

You need to login to your Facebook account and go to Account –> Account Settings. Under the Settings tab, find “Download Your Information” and click on Learn More. This will take you to the download screen. You will get the following message on the download screen:

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How To Get Email Account

Facebook has released the much awaited email service like Google’s Gmail called Social Inbox. It’s integrated with the Facebook itself. So in order to check your email, you need to login to your Facebook account. Facebook’s email service is not an exact email service as the messages don’t contain any subject, CC or BCC etc. But you can surely send and receive messages from any email address including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

facebook email

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Use Facebook, Twitter Without Compromising Your Privacy

Using social applications puts user privacy at risk. Privacy is of major concern to internet users because of the ubiquitous hacker stories and information that people have, unbeknownst to them, given to companies for marketing use. Recently, sites like Facebook and Twitter have taken privacy into account when developing and adding new applications or programs to their websites. It would appear to some users, however, that these social websites have no concern for the privacy of their users and are leaving privacy issues up to their users to define and identify.

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Top 25 Free Disposable/Temporary Email Services

Temporary or Disposable Email Services is basically a virtual email service online that you can use on temporary basis and you can dispose it off after use. Temporary or disposable email service is proved to be quite handy when it comes to securing your personal email address from spam bots. Spam emails are one of the most common issues these days, and it is very common that the personal email accounts are flooded with spasm because there are numerous spam bots that are programmed to crawl over internet to continuously find more and more email addresses. So, if you don’t like to expose your personal email addresses to spam websites, then these temporary or disposable email services can help your cause for sure.

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Full Download Of Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 beta Setup

windows live essentials Microsoft has recently released Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 beta. this version of Windows Live Essentials include the following programs:

Windows Live Family Safety
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Movie Maker
Windows Live Photo Gallery
Windows Live Sync
Bing Bar
Windows Live Writer
Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Pack
Messenger Companion
Microsoft Silverlight

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TUVPN – A VPN Service Worth Trying

TUVPN I have tried out several free vpn services and also wrote about them here. If I have to use the vpn service for a temporary period of time, I’m fine going with the free vpn service but if I want to use the vpn continuously, then I think I must go for a dedicated commercial vpn service. There are a lot of commercial paid vpn services that it’s very difficult to choose from any one of them. I had heard about tuvpn to be very good so I decided to give it a try because they give a full money back guarantee. So if I’m not satisfied, I can get a refund of my money.

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Play Pac Man On

Google doodle is celebrating 30th anniversary of Pac Man. That’s why when you open homepage, you see a screenshot of the actual Pac Man game.

pac man google game

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Convert PDF Files To Powerpoint Presentations

Today I got an email from Sandy, a regular reader of Technize. She had suggested a wonderful tool to convert PDF files into Powerpoint presentations. It is actually an online tool in which we have to upload the PDF files and in return it’ll email the converted files back to us.

convert pdf to powerpoint

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See Facebook Updates From Yahoo Mail

Now Yahoo is offering different applications through it’s mailbox interface. Now you can see Facebook, Twitter, Myspace update right in your Yahoo inbox. When you login to your Yahoo account, you can see the Applications in the left menu bar where you can configure your social networks so that the updates will come in the “What’s New” tab in the Yahoo mailbox.

yahoo social networks

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