Send Free Self Destructing Video eMails

If you want to send someone a video message but you want the video deleted instantly after the person has viewed the video, mailVU has the right set of tools for you. mailVU provides the ability to record a video email and send it to anyone but with some restrictions. The videos can be recorded from a webcam. Adobe Flash is required in order to record a video with mailVU.

The video can be deleted automatically if we set certain parameters like delete the video after x views or delete the videos after x day. This is great because if we want the video to be deleted after it has been viewed the first time, just set the parameter of deletion after x days to 1. You also get the read notification of the email so as to make sure that the recipient has viewed the video.
Here is a very good video tutorial on how to create and send videos through mailVU.

How to create and send self destructing video emails for free