Add/Remove Programs In Windows Vista

Ever since I have started using Windows Vista, I have been wondering what Microsoft has done with their range of Operating Systems. I know that most of the people will say that Vista is better than other operating systems and blah blah but the problem is that it has been, for me, so far the most complex operating system ever. I was not comfortable with Linux when I started learning but this Vista thingy, I dont know what to say.
Nowadays, I think Microsoft is hiring people who would make things more complex. Windows Vista uses a lot of wizards. Surely wizards are a lot of help but simplicity and elegance is something that Windows Vista is lacking.
As an example, I had to see my LAN network connection properties, it took me ages to reach there. It has totally changed from previous versions of Windows. Another thing I had problems with was finding the Add/Remove Programs in Windows Vista.. I kept on searching the whole control panel but didnt find the Add/Remove programs. By searching in depth I found out that Add/Remove Programs applet has been renamed to Programs and Features ?? Now what, in the world, was the reason to do that? Only to irritate me?
Anyone of you having the same experiences?





3 responses to “Add/Remove Programs In Windows Vista”

  1. Zulu

    I am very sorry to tell must of you Dom yoyos who suffer of a kind of Phobia disease.the problem is that Bill Gates thought that most of his OS users after a few years using his OS are well prepared and well studied for the OS,but he forgot that in this world are many Computer runners that only know how to start the PC and nothing else. This issue is like you putting your socks always in a certain drawer and suddenly your wife or your girlfriend changed it to another drawer. the only thing you have to do is ask and you will find out and most of peoples in this world don’t like to read nor ask.
    I never had a single problem with Vista and why should you ? Of course ,” you are the wise guy that don’t like to ask neither read.
    I have a good solution for these peoples. Just stick with your old stuff for the rest of your life.
    Go to a doctor and ask him what is the name of such people like you. I am sure you will get the name.
    It’s just like peoples that work for a long time doing the same thing every day for quit some years and suddenly there is a new boss in the office and he changed his job. What happen?? What happen here is just the same what happen to those that claims Vista.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Tera

    Zulu , you are a master.
    You got the tiger by his tail. I am totally agree with your comments. For sure there are many peoples who just live for claiming and claiming,cause they don’t read or neither like to read.They always like to find out things the hard way and afterwards they explode and start claiming.
    Thanks for the right words to such Dom yoyos like you called them.

  3. Sanix

    Zulu thanks for pointing out .. but I must tell you one thing .. as systems administrators, we always have to think from dumb user’s perspective.
    Ok let me ask you one question, if every I changed the name of my blog from to something else without informing you, how will you be able to find me again? There will be hell lot of work if you try to find me again.
    Same is the case with the people (not the IT people). They will certainly feel irritated if this kind of thing happens. IT has come for our help not to invade our time and resources, simplicity is the best practice in IT.