6 Tips For Choosing a File Recovery Software

Losing all the data that you have saved on your hard disk can be very frustrating – however, if you’ve done it by mistake, don’t panic, as there are ways in which you can recover the lost data.

There are scores of companies that offer software tools related to data recovery, but first, avoid shutting down your computer, because you may lose the deleted data permanently if that happens.

Here are a few tips to help you make a smart choice when choosing a recovery software.

Tip #1: Make the Right Choice

You’ll be spoilt for choice while choosing between recovery software, so here’s a tip: always select software that will help you recover different file formats.

The process of recovering any file – .psd, .pdf, .idd, or .wav file ? is the same. If an advertisement mentions that the software recovers only a specific type of file, then don’t go for it. These are marketing tricks designed to lure you into buying more software as you usually lose more than a single type of file when you accidentally delete a folder. Do a proper research and go for cost-effective software. Remember, choose cost-effective, not cheap.

Tip #2: The Importance of Updated Recovery Software

Buy recently developed software, because file formats keep changing. Buying an old software will not help in recovering new file formats, and it won’t serve the purpose. It’s a better and wiser option to go for updated software, which is capable of detecting all the files.

Tip #3: Know Your Software

Choose recovery software that is relatively known and trusted over the one that is cheaply priced. Unknown software tools can harm your computer by infiltrating it with spyware or viruses. Purchase software only from companies that have a reputation among computer users or companies you have heard of.

Check for details like address and customer service numbers through which you can contact the company in case things don’t work out. These details will help build trust in you, as some companies use multiple fake websites to market their products. You can also check if these companies can be contacted on social networking sites.

Tip #4: How Much Do You Spend?

Price is definitely a deciding factor. It is advisable to avoid spending a bomb on your recovery software, because you need to be very sure of what you are getting in return for the money. Get your recovery software from a company that has a tech support team, and make sure that it can recover files from an unbootable hard disk. However, keep your options open, as sometimes free software can do the trick as well.

Tip #5: 100% Recovery?

No software can promise you 100% recovery, every single time you lose data. Hard drives are susceptible to external damages too. Don’t be duped by companies promising 100% recovery, because this is simply not possible.

Tip #6: The Final Advice

Towards the end, it’s a safer option to store a backup of all your data in an external hard disk or a DVD/CD. When your computer crashes and you lose all your data on it, a backup is always a life-saver.

Guest post by James who is a computer repair expert and spends most of his time reviewing files recovery software. He also helps people recover deleted files with his website howtorecoverdeletedfiles.com



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  1. Choosing best file recovery software is always full of hassle and any wrong decision will results in permanet data loss and completely wastage of money. Thanks for the helpful tips which might help for users like me to choose the best recovery software..
    Keep them coming.
    Oliver Powell