2 Ways To Download Windows 7 Updates For Offline Installation

If you have a default installation of Windows 7 and you are connected to the internet all the time then Windows should update itself regularly and you’d be safe enough from the latest vulnerabilities and threats discovered in Windows 7. But if you are not connected to the internet all the time then you should use some other way to update your Windows to be up to date all the time. Here I’m giving 2 ways  to download Windows 7 updates for offline installation.

Method 1: From SoftwarePatch

SoftwarePatch.com is a site that gives an accumulated list of all the updates to Windows 7 for free. The knowledge base number is given for your reference and then the patch name is given in the list. Click any of the link to download the update. You will be able to download the updates directly from the Microsoft site. So there is no danger of updates being virus critical.

Method 2: WSUS Offline Update

WSUS Offline Update is a software formerly known as c’t offline update or DIY Service Pack. Now the author has started the project again by the name of WSUS Offline Update. It’s quite a useful software with lots of features.
wsus offline update
This is an open source software written in AutoIt. It is portable so you can run it from anywhere. No need for installation. Just run the application, select the updates you want to download and click start. It’ll download all the updates for you. Download the application from the following link:
[download id=”250″]






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  1. azhar

    This is really awesome software and I will try to test it on my new laptop. Thanks for sharing

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    thx, this can save my time and help me a lot.

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    will it download the latest drivers updates listed in updates