The command prompt does not recognize any of your commands

When you type any command in the command prompt in Windows, it says that it can’t recognize the command you’ve typed. There are two possibilities: First that you have typed the command incorrectly. Check your spellings. Second that you have actually typed the command correctly but it is not in the directories where command prompt looks for commands. Those directories are defined here:
Right click My Computer –> Properties –> Advanced –> Environment variables –> In system variables, double click on Path to edit the settings. Make sure you have these two directories defined in your path variable: C:\\WINDOWS\\system32;C:\\WINDOWS

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  1. hey guyz how r u doing?
    i’m having a problem that i use to edit the registry many times specially with folder options. now i have disturbed all the origional values infact i’ve deleted some of them now what should i do to get back windows xp’z origional registery keys. plzzzz help……………..!

  2. thanks man it work for me. edit command is working but now i’ve problem. java plateform is not working.
    i’m using jdk 1.6 and i set enviornment variable for it.
    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_13
    and now the java platform is not working.
    can u help me how both runs ata time.
    plz help me.

  3. Java platform works only when u set the variable value for variable name–>path as C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_18\bin

  4. hi, ive been having this problem too, every command i put into cmd says its not recognized. I have gone to the path variable and changed it to the proper ones but still it refuses to work! (btw I am a super noob at this so please bare with me) maby its somthing to do with the other variables in system variables? I have like 13, the first one is comspec, the next one is called FP_NO_HOST_CHECK, is that normal? (path is the fourth one down) if someone can help me that would be fantastic! thankyou

  5. yer dude, if ur runnin windows 7 it seems to be “C:\Windows\System32” not what ever that other one was

  6. there may be another reason, which is that you’re using the wrong command window.
    click Start menu>Run
    type cmd. a command window will open.
    now click Start menu>Run.
    type command, NOT cmd.
    another command window will open, but these are two different kinds of command windows. one of them seems to recognize environment variables, the other does not.

  7. hi….good morning..
    i have a problem that edit command is not recognised by my command prompt..
    c:windows and c/windows/system32 both are in system variables but its still not working..

  8. Hi every one, am also facing problem with my Command Prompt..
    No command is working in my command prompt except the general commands like CD, CD\, etc, etc.,
    I’ve hidden my project files for security purpose in my F: drive using ATTRIB command…
    and now i want to unhidden the files..
    i can access them from the address bar, but i want them unhidden..
    and to do that ATTRIB command is not working..
    None of the above solutions are working..
    Any solution please(ping, ipconfig, edit, etc, etc., commands also) not working…

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