Windows XP Installation Tune

Windows XP plays a nice tune when installing itself on your PC. (Now how many of you even knew this).
The problem is that unless your system has pre installed sound enabled, chances are that you may have never even heard it.
Well now you can hear what you have been missing.
Navigate your way to C:\WINDOWS\system32\oobe\images and look for a file called “Title.wma” or possibly “Windows welcome music.wma”.
Just double click this file and your default media player should open up and thrill you with this nice little piece of music.
Give it a whirl, I enjoyed it ad maybe so will you.
Not A Windows XP user? No problem download and hear this tune here:
Note: A friend of mine emailed me this article. Publishing as it is.





3 responses to “Windows XP Installation Tune”

  1. luis


  2. sirpro

    You guy(s) deserve a clap ‘clap clap clap’ I had looked for that tune all in vain, that i have it! God bless you……

    1. Sanix

      Thanks alot for the compliments 🙂