Windows Logo Key Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows logo key, in my opinion is the most important key as I used it most frequently not only because I can open the start menu from the Windows logo key but it also makes so many shortcuts that are so useful in everyday system usage. Let’s take a look at a few of the Windows logo shortcuts which are very useful for everyday use. Please note that most of these shortcuts will work on every version of Windows from Windows XP through Windows 7 but some of the shortcuts will be specifically for Windows 7.

Windows Logo Key Keyboard Shortcuts

winorbOpens the Start Menu
winorb +Pause KeyOpens the System Properties dialog box.
winorb +EOpens Windows Explorer (My Computer)
winorb +FSearch for a file or folder
Ctrl+winorb+FSearch for network computers
winorb +LLock the computer/Switch users
winorb +ROpen Run Dialog box
winorb +TCycle through open programs in the task bar
winorb +DDisplay Desktop
winorb +MMinimize all windows
winorb +Shift+MRestore minimized windows
winorb +numberStart the program pinned to the taskbar (according to sequence number mentioned)
Shift+winorb+numberStart a new instance of the program pinned to the taskbar (according to sequence number mentioned)
Ctrl+winorb+numberSwitch to the last active windows of the program pinned to the taskbar (according to the sequence number mentioned)
Alt+winorb+numberOpen the Jump List for the program pinned to the taskbar (according to the sequence number mentioned)
winorb+TabCycle through programs on the taskbar using Aero Flip 3D
Ctrl+winorb+TabSame as winorb+Tab but you can select the flipped windows with the mouse
Ctrl+winorb+BSwitch to the program that displayed a message in the notification area
winorb+SpacebarPreview the desktop
winorb+Up ArrowMaximize the active window
winorb+Left ArrowMaximize the windows to the left of the screen
winorb+Right ArrowMaximize the window to the right of the screen
winorb+Down ArrowMinimize the window
winorb+Shift+Up ArrowStretch the windows to the top and bottom of the screen
winorb+Shift+Down ArrowUn-stretch and restore the top an bottom stretch
winorb+PSelect between different multiple display modes
winorb+Shift+Left Arrow/Right ArrowMove the windows from one display to another
winorb+GCycle through gadgets
winorb+UOpen ease of access center
winorb+MMinimize all windows except the active one
winorb+XOpen Windows Mobility Center

These are the Windows Logo shortcuts that I came across in my Windows 7. If anyone has a shortcut to share regarding the Windows Logo key, please share it in comments. I am compiling other lists of shortcuts which I will be publishing soon. Some of the lists include General Keyboard shortcuts, Dialog box Keyboard shortcuts, Remote Desktop Connection keyboard shortcuts, Wordpad, Paint, Help View, Calculator keyboard shortcuts etc. If you have compiled your own set of keyboard shortcuts, please let me know and I’m willing to publish them on Technize.

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