Update Windows 7 With Autopatcher

autopatcher logo I have already written about how to download Windows 7 updates for offline installation. Do you remember Autopatcher? Autopatcher was a tool that could download all the Windows updates and then we could save those updates and easily install them later when we reinstalled the Windows. Then mysteriously Autopatcher went off on request of Microsoft. It looks like they have come up again.

The good news is that now Autopatcher also supports Windows 7. Autopatcher is also good for people who have slow internet connections and have multiple systems. Then they only have to download the updates once and then install them offline through Autopatcher.

Autopatcher can be downloaded from the following location.

AutoPatcher Updater v1.3

File size – ~1.07 MB / MD5 Hash – 9856FB15CD160F0624576604D50CDA23

AutoPatcher User Guide Instructions PDF

File size – 679,607 Bytes



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