Types of Computer Viruses Affecting your PC Security System

Most people these days have heard about computer viruses and virus scan. However, there are a lot of types of viruses and the specialization depends on extent of damage and the region of infection. So let’s have a glance at various types of computer viruses affecting your PC security system.

Types of Viruses
Program viruses: These contaminate files that contain compute code, especially ‘.exe’ and ‘.com’ files, and the ones like‘.dll’, ‘.sys’, and ‘.ovl’ too. The virus is set free at whatever time the user launches an application that runs the infected file. For instance, if the file ‘netscape.exe’ gets infected, the virus will be launched whenever the user starts Netscape. These types of viruses can spread via any medium used to convey software, including network downloads, email attachments, CD and floppy disks.
Stealth Viruses: These are computer viruses that hide actively from antivirus software. It does this by covering the size of whatever file it is hiding in or momentarily taking itself out of the infected file and making a copy of itself in some other place on the hard drive, swapping the file that is infected with an uninfected file that it has stored up on the hard disk.
Polymorphic Viruses: This is a type that can encrypt its code in diverse ways so that it arrives in a different way for every infection. Among the types of viruses, these are trickier to spot using normal virus scan.
Macro Viruses: This is something new compared to the usual types of viruses. It infects the macros in a template or document. These infect the Normal template whenever a spreadsheet or word processing document is activated. All the documents opened points to Normal template and gets infected. As this virus sticks to documents, it can easily spread if the document gets opened in any other PC.
Guest article written by Jessica from Secureurpc. She usually writes stuff like how to create a virus and how to get secured from it.