Tweak Your Windows With XDN Tweaker

There are many tweaking tools available for Windows XP. Today I came across a tweaking tool for Windows XP which is a little different from the traditional tweakers.

What does XDN Tweaker do?

Control Panel

  • You can create a Windows

  • 2000 style User Accounts to your Control Panel.
  • Fixes the Autologon problem after installing .NET 1.x

Media Player
You can play around with some cool Windows Media Player tweaks.
Right Click Menu
You can add/remove some of the options in your context/right click menu e.g., adding/removing send to, adding/removing send to folder items etc.
Files and Folders
Windows only remembers a certain no. of folder views. Once you have reached that limit, it will no longer save the folder views. The default is 5000 for Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can change this setting through XDN Tweaker.
File Associations
You can control the file associations especially in Windows Vista which offers no easy way to change the programs associated to a certain extension.
Internet Explorer 7
You can tweak some cool IE 7 settings.
Splash Screens
You can easily disable the splash screens shown by Windows programs like outlook express.
Network Settings
You can play around with network settings but its only recommended for advanced users.
Download Info:
One of the advantages XDN Tweaker has is that it is portable, meaning that you have no need to install it. Just download and unzip it and start playing around. Its current version is And the size of the download is about 252 KB. It requires .NET framework 2.0 or higher to be installed in order to work properly.
Download XDN Tweaker.