Will Windows 8 Secure Boot Address x86 Device Market By Preventing Piracy?

For quite some time, the market has been rife with the news that the latest version of Windows, Windows 8, is going to be launched sometime soon. While there is no official word on the matter, there have been many rumors that have spread. Most of them have been denied but some information has been …

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Debian 6.0 Will Enter Into The Market in Early February

The new version of the Linux distribution called Debian will be presented on 5 or 6 February and will be launched with a completely free kernel. This is announced by Neil McGovern, one of the leading developers of Debian 6.0 .One of the innovations of Debian 6.0 over previous versions is that it will become the first version of Debian with a kernel distributed free of cost.

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Download Google Chrome OS RC

Be aware, this is not Google Chrome web browser, it’s the new Google Operating System, Chrome OS. Google has been working on their own Operating System for quite a while and finally the Release Candidate of the OS is out and is available for download. It was announced in Google Event where the Chrome OS was running on a 12.1” laptop called CR-48. According to Matt Cutts, they taped video for 8 hours using this CR-48 Chrome OS notebook and still the battery remain was 25% (another 1.5 hours). This will be amazing that a notebook can run all day without external power.

google chrome os

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How to Un-install Adobe Air Applications in Ubuntu Linux?

Adobe Air applications are flexible enough to run on all major operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux. As far as Linux is concerned, Ubuntu is the most popular and used operating system of Linux. Adobe Air applications can easily be removed from Windows operating system through Add/Remove feature in control panel but un-installing adobe air apps from Ubuntu Linux is bit difficult for most users as it compels them to enter the system command via shell. So, the question is how would you un-install the apps from Linux in an easy way?

CPU Power Management And Energy Saving With Granola

There has been a lot of effort in the electronics world to save energy and only use enough energy that is needed. A lot of electronics are coming with green computing enabled which saves a lot of power as compared to the normal electronics.

Computers also come with green computing enabled and power saving features. But if you can find a software product to save power efficiently it will be the best. Granola seems to be the perfect solution for CPU power management.Granola is an intelligent software power management tool which works on both Linux and Windows and it can run on any x86 server, desktop and laptop.

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Run Ubuntu Linux In Windows Without A Virtual Machine

portable ubuntu remix I like to test Linux Operating System from time to time because I have worked with it as a Systems Administrator. Now I only work on Windows but don’t want to forget Linux. So I want to run Linux once in a while. But the problem is that there is a need for either a dual booting Linux and Windows or run Linux in a Virtual Machine. Both the options are expensive in terms of usage and memory. In the first case, if I dual boot Windows and Linux, I will not be able to run both the Operating Systems. Only one Operating System will boot at a time. This option is not very convincing.

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Boot From USB Drives Easily Without BIOS Support

It has always been a hassle to boot the system from other than the already installed hard drive or the CD ROM. With the latest hardware and software improvements, some of the old hardware like motherboards don’t support booting from the modern hardware like the USB drives. PLoP is a software which can boot the system with which ever way you want. It can boot from hard drive, floppy, CD/DVD or even from USB drives.

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How to configure SVN (Subversion) Server on Fedora Core with Apache22 under SElinux

Install latest version of subversion on Fedora Core by RPM, Binary or using yum tool.

I will use yum tool to install Apache22 on fedora core 5.
yum install httpd

Install updated version of subversion on fedora core 5.
yum install subversion

After successfull installation of subversion on Fedora Core Please install mod_dav_svn.
yum install mod_dav_svn
Create a main directory on the root for subversion so that all repositories can be made under this main directory.
mkdir /subversion

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