The Under Sea Cable For Internet

I got a mail from a friend of mine which shows pics of the Internet Cable that is spread all over the sea. This cable connects all the world through the seas. It was interesting for me, so I thought it would be interesting for you too. Please comment :-).

Undersea Internet cable – info

Affected parts “Internet sea cables”

Do you know about internet cable cut?
this is a cable network spread worldwide. See map below;

Illustration: describes the network area


The ship used for cabling

Contents of cable
1-Polythin cover of “Sabec”
3-Anti rust iron
4-Alumunium protector from water infiltration
5-cover of poly carbon
6-Compact copper
7-Glotein petrochemical
8-fiber optics


Installation being used for cabling


Cable in the bottom of sea

Interrupted Cable: Due to damage of outer cover

And this also interruption reason

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  1. thanks for updating these info, but i need more information like picture or if there any type of cable use through the sea?

  2. what i like about cable internet is that it is almost immune to electrical noise which always degrades DSL lines :`”

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