The Perfect Alternative To Microsoft Outlook

yahoo zimbra desktop I have already written about 3 Microsoft Outlook alternatives. I don’t like Microsoft Outlook as it’s very heavy on system resources and very slow and usually hangs on IMAP accounts. I usually use IMAP with my gmail and Technize accounts and Microsoft Outlook is definitely not my choice. Previously I was using Mozilla Thunderbird. Then I came to know that Yahoo Zimbra had released their desktop client which is like Microsoft Outlook. I have already used Zimbra Collaboration Suite which is in my opinion better than Microsoft Exchange but the problem is that it’s Linux based.

I tried out Zimbra Desktop and I’ve become a fan of it. It’s really very easy to use like Microsoft Outlook and provides almost every feature that Microsoft Outlook provides. The biggest benefit of Zimbra Desktop for those who use free services like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail is that Zimbra Desktop automatically configures the accounts of all these services. No need to configure them manually.
zimbraDesktop Add new account
It can synchronize Google and Yahoo Calendars.
It also provides with a briefcase to store the attachments that are important to us.
It includes a very good Task manager that I love. I can create many task lists according to my convenience.
I also use the Zimbra Desktop notebook to organize myself.
The biggest advantage of Zimbra Desktop is that it’s lightening fast. It can handle IMAP as well as POP3 accounts really easily and doesn’t affect system performance no matter how big the email accounts are.
And yet another rather bigger than the biggest advantage, it’s free 🙂
I would strongly recommend that if you’re an Outlook user, you should give Zimbra Desktop a try.






3 responses to “The Perfect Alternative To Microsoft Outlook”

  1. themiddaysun

    Cool, never heard of it, I too was using thunderbird and decided to just go all web based for my gmail. Now I think I will give this a try. Thanks

  2. stylo

    i hv email server at my ofis.. we are connecting using outlook connector…
    can i still use this one??

  3. Zeeshan Khan

    If talking about the best and perfect alternative to Microsoft Outlook, I’ll suggest to use
    Mozilla Thunderbird.
    To know the features related to Thunderbird, check out the following website for details: