The Most Provokative Video Ever Facebook Scam [Security Alert]

Facebook was easier to use and was secure enough in the beginning but not any more. You have to be very careful when clicking on links and messages from friends because you can be click-jacked by applications just by clicking on their links. They will in turn post a similar message to all your friends’ walls in your name. Since your friends trust you, they’ll click on the message and they’ll be treated likewise. In this way the click-jacking scams of Facebook spread like wild fire.

A similar scam is appearing on Facebook very recently reported by Facecrooks. Here’s the detail about the scam message:

The message will say something like this:

  • The most provokative video ever
  • The most provocative video ever
  • Monstrously Erotic Blonde

The most provocative video ever facebook scam

If you get a similar message on your wall, you’re advised not to click on the link because it will not actually take you to where it says. Instead, it will ask you to fill out a survey which you have to grant access in Facebook.

Facebook Scam message

How to avoid this Facebook scam?

To avoid these kinds of Facebook scams, you should always be careful about which links are you clicking on. You should even be careful when a friend shares a link with you. You should confirm with the friend whether he or she shared the link or it was done automatically.

If you come across these kinds of surveys and messages, you should always avoid clicking on the link given in the messages and never give access to any malware application or any app that you don’t recognize.

How to get rid of Facebook scam if you get infected?

If you have already clicked on the malware scam app, you should go to your recent notifications and delete all the messages that have been published to your friends walls. This is a manual process and takes time if you have many friends. Otherwise, you can install BitDefender Safego Facebook app which will automatically scan all your news feeds and wall posts and keep you safe from scams and other Facebook threats.





2 responses to “The Most Provokative Video Ever Facebook Scam [Security Alert]”

  1. Imran

    If you have a good eye, these links sometimes have a very odd looking thumbnail preview with a play icon that seems very strange… FB indeed isn’t a safe playground anymore. Good read

    1. Sanix

      Yes indeed Facebook is not safe but I saw a comparison somewhere on the Internet where Facebook is still rated the safest social site on the Internet..