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I’m always in a hunt for software with better organizational capabilities. Because without organizing yourself, you’ll never be able to advance in the future at an optimum speed. A few days back, I stumbled upon a software called stablauncher. I downloaded it, installed and configured it .. and wow it has got the ability to organize your shortcuts in a very nice way. You can organize in categories and accessing it is very easy as it resides faded on the top of the screen like the task bar at the bottom. When we hover our mouse on it, it comes out. Take a look at its picture while it is out:


How to configure

To customize stablauncher, just hover your mouse pointer to the faded stablauncher (on top of the screen by default) and select options.
In options, go to Tabs (from left hand menu) and click Add. It will add another tab on the stablauncher. Now Add a descriptive name for that tab (like internet utilities, ms office or personal software) and then choose the color of the tab by clicking on the color.

How to add software to stablauncher 

To add any software or file or shortcut, just drag it and drop it in your specific tab where you want it to be placed.

There are so many other options available like you can select the tab type, whether it is a music tab or quick launch tab or windows startup items etc. You can also change the tab style and add skins. For more skins you can check out the following URL:
sTabLauncher Skins

You can download stablauncher from here:

Download stablauncher
Version 2.1
File size: 1.5 MB

Please share your experiences about this software.

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