TeamSpeak: Talk To People Over The Internet

While Skype and Google are the leaders in VOIP technology, there are other software which can provide a better voice and video quality with additional features. TeamSpeak is such a software which doesn’t require third party servers to connect to like Skype, Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk etc. It has its own server which can be installed by anyone and then all other friends can connect to that server in order to chat with each other enjoying almost all the features of the popular VOIP clients..

With TeamSpeak, now you can create your own VOIP network. You can have your own server and only the clients that you want will be able to connect to the server.



Some of the features of TeamSpeak include the following:

Superior voice quality and latency including new codecs, automatic microphone adjustment, advanced noise reduction and echo cancelation.

Stunning 3D sound effects allow spatial placement of sound effects and audio streams.

Improved Security and Privacy with new authentication system which uses unique identifiers stored and tracked by TeamSpeak’s servers instead of the standard username and password combination.

Firewall Friendly File Transfer uploads the files to TeamSpeak’s servers eliminating the need for a central storage of FTP system.


TeamSpeak 3 is available for almost all kinds of Operating Systems and architectures including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD (UNIX). You can download the setup of your choice from TeamSpeak’s site.