Surf Anonymously Without A Proxy

12-15-2008-3-01-33-pmIf you are a frequent user of proxy servers for surfing the internet, it’s always a headache to find new proxies, configuration etc etc. Since I’m in a region where there are a lot of restrictions on the use of internet, I keep on finding new ways to anonymously surf the web without any restrictions.

Today I found out one site which seems to be very good. It enables the users to browse the internet without installing or configuring any proxy. The site can be found here:
If you find any other good site like this, please let me know through comments.





4 responses to “Surf Anonymously Without A Proxy”

  1. TheMiddaySun

    Most of these workarounds dont work for my office since they block the site that get you around them. Such as this one

    1. Sanix

      TheMiddaySun, next time I promise I’ll give you another solution which will surely work in your work environment :-). Just keep in touch.

  2. vaibhav


  3. balgha