SUPERAntispyware Review And Free License Giveaway [5 Licenses]

As an IT Professional I have to deal with a lot of computers having security issues everyday. The biggest problem I face in my assessments is that there is no anti-virus and anti-spyware installed in the system while the owner thinks that he’s protected. Most of the people do install a free anti-virus but don’t think of installing an anti-spyware app which is a must if you use internet regularly.

I have used a few anti-spywares in the past and SUPERAntispyware is one of them. SUPERAntispyware has two versions, a free version and a paid professional version. When I installed SUPERAntispyware, it was quite easy to use interface. First of all it asked me to update the definitions during the installation which I did quite comfortable.

superantispyware definition update

SUPERAntispyware main window has five options. Scan you Computer will scan the computer for spyware, adware, malware, trojans, worms, parasites and other malicious software that may be installed on your system without your knowledge. You can also schedule the scanning process. The professional version also includes real-time scanning which protects your computer all the time. Spyware definition updates can be done manually as well as automatically which checks for updates every 8 hours.

superantispyware professional main screen

The greatest feature of SUPERAntispyware that I found out is the System and Browser Repairs. If ever your browser or system is hacked by a spyware or malware, Just open SUPERAntispyware, go to Preferences, Repairs tab, select the option which you want to reset and the click on Perform Repair. The repair option can enable Start Menu Run Dialog, enable System Tray, enable Task Manager, enable Windows Control Panel, enable Windows Explorer Folder Options, reset Home page, reset Internet Zone security, reset local page, remove Desktop Screen Saver, remove Explorer Policy Restrictions, remove WinOldApp Policy Restrictions, repair Desktop policies and a lot more.

superantispyware repairs

SUPERAntispyware also comes with a portable version for troubleshooting already infected systems. SUPERAntispyware is one of the must have security products if we use internet a lot. Here are the download links for different versions of SUPERAntispyware:

Free Edition

Professional Edition

Portable Edition

Mike from SUPERAntispyware is kind enough to provide us 5 licenses of SUPERAntispyware for giveaway to our readers. To win a free license, all you have to do is comment on this article and give your views about and your personal review about SUPERAntispyware. The five best commentors will be selected from the comments. Please note that this is a two step giveaway. In the first step, winners will be chosen from the comments and then announced in another article on 5th October 2010. The winners must comment on the winners page to get their licenses.

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39 responses to “SUPERAntispyware Review And Free License Giveaway [5 Licenses]”

  1. willieboy

    Thanks for holding this contest.
    I’m a big fan of superantispyware.
    Love to have a chance at a Pro Edition of my own.
    Please enter me in the giveaway.

  2. HBOY

    Thanks for the giveaway. First time I have visited this site. Enjoyed the General and Gadgets articles. The free version of Super has never failed to rid my PC of any kind of infections. I would love to win the full version with the real time protection and daily updates. Thanks again.

  3. Tangs

    Spyware is a continuing problem. We need all the help we can get. SuperAntispyware is a great assistance in fighting the bad things that try to infest our computers. Would love a full version.

  4. leofelix

    Hi Salix,
    In the mean time I have subscribed your RSS feeds via google, next step will be via e-mail (you know why;-).
    Thank you for managing this giveaway and for offering this great opportunity to your readers.
    Why I’d like to win a free SuperAntispyware pro license?
    Easy: I believe an antivirus is not enough even if nowadays the most of antivirus software has a built in antispyware.
    Recently SuperAntispyware engine has been added to Virustotal, it is still time to celebrate I think.
    All the best

  5. Silvester

    Thanks for the SAS Pro giveaway.
    SAS Pro is so light in system resources impacts & good anti-malware protections. The ‘Hijack Protection’ & the “System Repair” features are so great. It’s a good companion in working with main stream antivirus together in computers.
    Plese count me in for the giveaway contest.
    Thanks & Regards

  6. David

    SuperAntispyware Pro uses less system resources and updates regularly. I especially like the ‘Auto-Scanning’ feature and the scheduling of scans. Real-Time blocking is the main feature that I am interested in.
    Please include me in the contest.

  7. ROHIT

    Thank you TechniZe for the nice SuperAntispyware pro giveaway. SuperAntispyware pro is very much efficient lightweight anti-spyware. It will help me by adding extra layer on my security as it has solid real time protection. Please consider me in for the giveaway. Best Regards.

  8. bill ehm

    SAS Free is a tool I have been using for a couple of years with the only drawback that it lacks a real time scanner. Pro of course has this feature so it is for this reason I request to be included in the draw. I should be so lucky to win though (I’m just not that lucky you see). Thanks for the give away.

  9. Jakub

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Would love to have this software to keep my computer in a healthy & safe condition.
    Have been using the free protection but real time protection is what is really needed.

  10. Anurag Dhamija

    The greatest feature of SUPERAntispyware that I found out is the System and Browser Repairs. If ever your browser or system is hacked by a spyware or malware, Just open SUPERAntispyware, go to Preferences, Repairs tab, select the option which you want to reset and the click on Perform Repair.

  11. rizal

    Hi there,
    Great review sanix.. 🙂
    My first opinion about this review is I think, this kinda stuff is a must on every personal pc.Nowadays, many kind of spywares could evade or hacking our precious data on our pc.
    So,all I could say, this is great… seem it can give solid real time protection with my microsoft security essential.
    Thanks technize and all this site members for giving such an awesome giveaway to be grab.technize is such a great technology site for those who wanna get more information on nowadays technology info.
    finally, hope I can win this cool stuff.
    rizal……. 🙂

  12. peep

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway! ive been using SUPERAntispyware free edition since it made a statement in the spyware removal world.., many products came out but still its on the TOP of the competition.. i just hope i get a pro license..

  13. Cornjaco

    What sparked my interest in SAS is the story of my collegue, who happened to win a license in the past. He gave it to his brother Sam, which he deeply regretted, because he has to listen now to Sam’s enthousiastic comments all the time. So, yes I would like to win a license.

  14. Panayotis

    Dear Technize,
    First of all, let me thank you for Giving Away
    this Magnificent piece of software!
    I’ve used the Free version of SuperAntispyware, and I have tried the Pro version of SuperAntispyware.
    SuperAntispyware Pro is one of the Best Security Applications ever made!
    SuperAntispyware Pro can be the Perfect Companion to an Antivirus. In fact, there have been times that SuperAntispyware Pro can Detect and/or Remove Spyware that most Antivirus applications cannot.
    The Real-Time Protection of SuperAntispyware Pro is so strong that even the most stubborn Spyware cannot find its way to a PC.
    In addition, the “System Repair” of SuperAntispyware Pro
    has help many users to heal their System (Windows, Browser etc.) from problems caused by Spyware.
    SuperAntispyware Pro is light on Resources yet so effective in PC Protection.
    Please, count me in for a License!
    Once again, Thank you for Offering this Great Application!

  15. Squirly

    I’ve had this little gem in my toolbox for years and still use it at least weekly as part of a cleaning regime for customer computers. It’s not perfect, it won’t catch everything, but then nothing does and anyone that tells you different is lying or grossly misinformed and that’s why I use a variety of tools to clean an infected machine. I like it for it’s speed and ease of use and will continue to keep it in the toolbox for years to come.

  16. Kavin Seth

    Hello Sanix!
    SUPERAntiSpyware is probably the best Antispyware when dealing with many spywares and other malwares in the wild which many reliable resident anti-viruses fail to detect.The real-time protection in the SAS Pro version is the crucial and key feature in preventing the badwares from installing into the system in the first place also the schedule scanning is exclusively available in Pro version.In other words,SAS Pro adds a important real-time security layer and it is very light in resource consumption in any Windows system
    Due these compelling reasons,Please count me in for this Giveaway!
    In my opinion,Technize is the site to be in if you want to know and learn so many things about latest and interesting technology,and to participate in really cool giveaways,etc.Technize has become one my regular must-visit Tech-based site frequently.The site is growing well and definitely moving forward in the right direction.All the best for a properous and bright future 🙂

  17. TestGOTD

    Thanks Salix for a great giveaway.
    SUPERAntiSpyware is one of the best standalone/complementary antispyware. During trial testing, real-time protection proves lightweight and works very well against rouges, spywares, adware, and trojans. On-demand scan is also very effective too and it cleaned several adware from my system. I want to revise my security setup and add SUPERAntiSpyware Pro for better protection of my data against ever-increasing cyber threats.
    I have tried my luck several times but have never won any license of SUPERAntiSpyware. Hope this time I will be lucky enough to say that I have lifetime license of SUPERAntiSpyware.
    I have subscribed to your site via Feed XML as via email is not working. Please solve that issue, as I want to subscribe to your site via email.

  18. aungzeya38

    Hi.. Technix
    I am regular reader of your site and really appreciate for sharing updated guides and aslo holding great giveaways.
    Super Anti-spyware pro is one of the most i wanted to use . i try several time to test my luck for one license at several site. Unfortunately i missed again and agin. Life time license is very attractive to me and no doubt for its capacity. Pls consider one license for me.

  19. RafaelC

    Thanks Sanix and Mike for this opportunity…
    Superantispyware is well know program in the antispyware industry. It has been leading application for years, and that’s why it is here, while many others application aren’t so popular and used by many people. That speaks a lot for this program.
    Superantispyware offers Free and Paid version.
    Free version is most probably enough for most people, But Paid is definitely worth all the money.
    Once paid for the program, you can get real time guard, automatic updates, scheduled scanning.
    Plus the lifetime license makes SAS really attractive product.
    It has three types of scanning: Quick, Complete and Custom scanning. In most cases the fast scan is recommended fro cleaning the nasties.
    Fast scanning can be used for weekly scanning, while Complete scanning 1-2 times a month and also after severe infestation.
    Scanning process is really fast and noticeable better compared to other products.
    Besides checking on files, also are scanned registry locations and most common places where malware can hide.
    It removes some really bad infections such as Vundo infection , Zlob infection, VirusHeat and many more.
    Superantispyware has Direct Disk Access (DDA) technology which can detect rootkits, which other programs can’t.
    For heavily infection is recommended running safe mode to clean any leftovers.
    There are available many languages, so even non-English people can use it (Superantispyware is multilingual, and chances are great that SAS speaks Your language).
    First chance prevention scans the PC and start and shutdown, so can remove harmful applications.
    HiJack protection is preventing change of home page and search page from being hijacked.
    For current and previous scans, false positives or infection there is Statistics and Log Tab, which provides detailed info.
    Very handy and cool thing is Repair feature, which embrace many aspects from the system.
    The support is great and is offered on their forum.
    SUPERAntiSpyware also have Portable Scanner. The scanner doesn’t need to be installed. It features complete scanning and removal engine and can remove over 1 million infections.
    Also the scanner has the latest definitions, thus is ready to use it from USB Flash disk or other portable. It’s good tool for computer technician.
    Superantispyware also offers licenses for non-profit and educational institutions.
    Also there is Online Safe Scan which is free online scanning.
    I must say that it offers Top Notch Protection.
    Best Regards!

  20. Jan

    Hi, thanks for this great giveaway.
    From my experience I used SAS free together with my favorite AV, it always give me a peace of mind and a clean system, although I never encounter yet those high risk threat, hope I’ll never. And I’m really thankful with this company to have a free edition and it would be great if I have a Pro edition with a real time protection. Thank you technize for this chance, good luck to all.

  21. Joko

    Hi Sanix..:)
    Thanks for giving opportunity to win one of the five licenses of SUPERAntispyware (SAS) to reader. I would appreciate if you could count me in.
    This is a good article and review about SUPERAntispyware. First, the review mentions the impression about SAS that it is easily to install and good interface. The review also point out that SAS is easy to use and how to configure the SAS. The review is also bring up the greatest feature of SUPERAntispyware. You found out that the greatest feature is the System and Browser Repairs. Thank you very much for this valuable review and information. You have also mentioned 3 different versions of SAS (free, pro, and portable) but it would be better if you add the different between them. Adding the memory usage when idle as well as when SAS is running for scan would be also interesting to know how light is SAS.
    My view about
    In my opinion, is a good website and posted about good review. I don’t know why when I check the site with urlvoid, the result is suspicious (1/12). Maybe it is false positive since only one url scanner detected this site. Technize also conducts continuously giveaways. I’m sure that it will help among us who need legal software but cannot pay the original. also opens a thread in the forum about the suggestion for upcoming giveaway. This indeed is very good and noble.
    My personal experience when using SAS.
    It was 2 month ago when I tried to repair my friend PC (OS windows 7. I was using SAS portable version and scanned the PC with it. It detected 6 malwares. I then submitted one by one the infected files to virus total to make sure that there were no false positive. All of them were infected files and I cleaned and repaired successfully using SAS. I then checked the PC health of the cleaned PC. I don’t know why there was a remnant from SAS (SASkutil) and the PC stated that the installed Antispyware was SAS even though I didn’t install and only used the portable version.
    Kind regards,
    PS. I don’t know why that I couldn’t subscribe to I have followed technize on twitter and tweeted here:

  22. Adi

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Thank you for Offering this Great Application!

  23. GT

    thanking you for the giving away of SUPERAntispyware Review And Free License Giveaway [5 Licenses]
    i’m liking your site and am also subscribed to your site. i find good articles on yur site. also your site opens good in IE6 and not crashing on me. thanking you for all good work.
    I’m been using the portable version of the SUPERAntispyware which is free. it is always working good and give me fast results. i can be able to win the professional version so i’m saved in realtime also.
    Mr. G.T.

  24. walang sangit

    I have subscribed via e-mail and I’m so glad your site to make this giveaway, and I have to say the giveaway of this site is always quality. I have proved the greatness SUPERAntiSpyware when I use Hiren’s boot, a lot of malware and spyware infecting my computer can be cleaned very well, unfortunately that’s not the pro version and I’m very ready to accept this honor to try the pro version of this software

  25. District

    HI Salix!
    I am longtime user of SUPERantispyware free version and it would definitely be a great if I could promote to Pro version because of its real-time protection,which can save my PC from many spywares and malwares that my AV may miss.
    I am new reader of Technize but I like the clarity and impeccable information given for all the readers here,no doubt this giveaway is definitely a SUPER-giveaway from you.Thanks a lot for giving us all this magnificent opportunity of learning and earning from,Best of luck and Take Care.

  26. Tom

    @ RafaelC
    Dude, Don’t Steal my review, already posted on internet. (
    If you are good enough write one of your own review.

  27. Nikhil

    Hi Sanix,
    i’m Using from Longtime And fully Satisfied with its Detection & Scanning Speed.
    I would love to try its Real time Detection.
    please Count me in for the Giveaway.
    Thank you & Good Luck all.

  28. Grr

    Hi Sanix,
    Thanks for bringing your readers this much sought software. SAS is just getting better & better day by day. It is easy to use, effective in removal, good support, compatible with security suites/anti-viruses/firewalls. It is quite light weight both in real-time as well as on scanning. The new released version is much better then the previous. Not to mention in my opinion it is better than MBAM.
    As I have said/posted earlier I like ur blog caz of the variety of the topics u post, giveaways, clean and tidy page. I do not have to strain my eyes or scroll half-way down to read the topic content. Please keep up the good work and Best of Luck.
    Kindly count me in this giveaway.
    Grr (Blog Subscriber)

  29. NiceTake

    Hello Technize!
    Thank you so much for the superb SuperAntiSpyware Giveaway!
    Superantispyware as free version is a very good and highly satisfying on-demand scanner that I recommend anyone using Windows OS but with Pro version the Superantispyware protects a system in Realtime much effectively.
    I really like your site for it is truly worth the articles and other helpful reviews,giveaways so much that I have subscribed by e-mail as well.Personally if it’s not too elaborate, rocks on Tech arena 😉
    Best Regards

  30. Coast32

    Hi Technize,
    Wonderful giveaway,superantispyware is a splendid product as a security compliment and protecting computers.I would like to try my luck here for my laptop too,since superantispyware is a proven product.
    Your site in simple words,satisfies my appetite for some good tech news,reviews,other tips and cool giveaways,please keep it up.Thanks a lot for this giveaway.

  31. john d

    I would like to win as it best second-layer security to have for protection. I am not a professional so I would not write long reviews, pardon me. For fact superantispyware free had saved me from shelling money to local repair shop. I hope to win it and enable real-time shield as well. Please count me.
    I like your site/blog. It has good content and links. It will be bonus if you could post a review of ‘good’ free products also, as not all could afford paid ones.

  32. niroop

    this is the best giveaway of the best software.Super antispyware is the best antispyware tool which has a very great detection capabity
    .This product is under top 5 antispyware product under on the toptenreviews website.It has also won so many awards.I really really want to have this genuine product on my pc.
    your blogs are very good and they are always favouring us,thankyou,thankyou so much for making this great website

  33. niroop

    this is the best giveaway of the best software.Super antispyware is the best antispyware tool which has a very great detection capabity
    .This product is under top 5 antispyware product under on the toptenreviews website.It has also won so many awards.I really really want to have this genuine product on my pc.
    your blogs are very good and they are always favouring us,thankyou,thankyou so much for making this great website

  34. Isd

    Super Antispyware. Great giveaway. Excellent detection rate and easy to use. Portable version also available. So far I have used its free version only. Please count me also.

  35. dreamuser

    Only one comment to say – “Prevention is better than cure”. The pro version of super antispyware can prevent spyware from sweeping in which is not in the the free version.
    This software is easy to use, less loading time & does not eat memory like some other big names do.
    Best part the lifetime license, don’t need too shell out money every year or so.
    Love technize..You made me a computer geek…
    Thanks for the giveaway, want to try my luck too.

  36. Frankie

    After installing the trial version of SUPERAntiSpyware. I want to say that its scanning engine is more efficient and reliable because I always got unexpected handling error in current Malwarebyte false positive error and could continue to scan the rest.
    It used less resources than any other antitrojan shields I have tried. I really like the Hijack protection that makes me feel safe when visit some unknown sites.
    After browsing a few topics in, I learned many new technical things. The site is great for both novice and advanced users.
    Thank you for this giveaway contest. Hope to win one.

  37. Sanix

    I’m extending the giveaway until 11th October.

  38. Glorfelt

    Thanks for this contest, please count me in.
    SAS is the best anti-trojan software among the well-known anti-trojan fields. The scanner is fast and reliable without having any issue in Windows 7. I feel I like this a lot since I have problems with other anti-trojans software. So this one is a must keep in my computer all the time.
    I think site is a very informative site for learning technology. Those software articles are very helpful to my life.

  39. NiceTake

    Hello Sanix,
    I just want to know if the winners of this giveaway will ever be announced?It’s already past the deadline(Oct. 11).