Speed Up Windows Startup With Soluto

I have already written about 3 tools that can optimize Windows startup. Soluto is another tool which can optimize Windows startup. It gives a graphical overview of the startup process of Windows.

Soluto Beta speed boot feature

The installation of Soluto is really very simple, just download Soluto from here and click on I agree and you’re done. Next time you boot your computer, soluto will analyze the system at startup. The good thing about Soluto is that it gives real time information of loading apps during startup. After the boot process is completed fully, click on the Soluto icon in the system tray and Soluto will give the time it took to boot the computer and how many applications were started.

Next step is interesting where you get to actually arrange the startup applications in the way you want them to start during boot process. You can also specify a delay time of some of the applications you don’t needs right after the boot has completed. So those applications will start after the specified time making the boot process lighter. Here’s a very good how to video about using Soluto:






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  1. shashank chinchli

    ye dude soluto is awesome yaara!