Some Great Windows 7 Shortcuts You Never Knew Before

When it comes to increasing productivity, keyboard shortcuts are huge time savers. They save the transition of the hand moving between the keyboard and the mouse. The time is so little that it can’t be calculated if calculated individually. But when we combine all the time frame that keyboard shortcuts have saved, it becomes a huge time saver.

Keyboard shortcuts also increase the overall efficiency of a person. Windows 7 comes with some great shortcuts that are new and were not there in previous versions of Windows like Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Let’s begin with the shortcuts that are new in Windows 7:

winorb  + SPACEBAR Reveals the desktop until the keys are pressed.
winorb  + ARROW Places active window in different positions. e.g., LEFT arrow snaps to left, RIGHT arrow snaps to right, UP arrow maximizes the window and DOWN arrow minimizes the window.
SHIFT + winorb  + ARROW If you have more than one display, you can use this shortcut to move the window between different displays.
ALT + P This enables preview pane in Windows Explorer. This is especially handy with pictures and videos. Just enable the preview pane and the selected file will be shown in the preview pane.
winorb + P This shortcut is helpful when you have a projector or multiple displays attached to your Windows 7 system. It display different options for multiple displays.
Left SHIFT + Left ALT + Print Screen Enables or disables high contrast accessibility option.
winorb + + My favorite. Zoom in the screen at any time.
winorb  + Zoom out of the Zoom in option back to normal display.

Windows 7 comes with a new feature called Jump Lists. This is a new way to organize your taskbar. There are several shortcuts related to the taskbar and Jump Lists. Here’s the list I’ve got from Microsoft:

windows 7 taskbar shortcuts

Hopefully this list of shortcuts will improve your efficiency and will prove useful for shortcut junkies 🙂

If you want to go through all the shortcuts of Windows 7, find them here.