Solution: Remove Ahsan’s Computer Virus Infection Completely

Yesterday a Technize reader mailed me that he was having a virus in his computer which had renamed My Computer to “Ahsan’s Computer” and My Documents to “Ahsan’s Documents”. I have already fixed this virus in my friend’s computer.
What this virus does in addition to renaming My Computer and My documents is it renames the recycle bin to G.W. Bush. It disables almost all the executables especially antiviruses and Microsoft utilities like registry editor or the Run command. The virus creates a file named “home video.avi.exe” on all the available drives. It must be noted that this is an executable malicious file rather than a video file. It also creates the following files system.exe and csrss.exe.

How To Remove It:

  • First of all download this little tool which will kill the processes of Ahsan’s Computer Virus.
    [download id=”146″]
  • Now that your computer is not running the virus, you should delete it completely from your system. Download the following tool and find and delete all instances of the files specified below:
    [download id=”147″]
    You should find and delete all the files with the following names:

Home video.avi.exe

Important Note: The original csrss.exe file is only placed in System32 directory. You should NOT delete the file placed in C:\Windows\System32 directory. Delete all other files.

  • Now go to Start –> Run –> RegeditPress F3 and the Find dialog box will appear. Find and delete the reference to all the following:

Home video.avi.exe

Important Note: You should NOT delete the registry key which specifies csrss.exe in System32 directory. Delete all other file values.

  • Now use the Smart Virus Remover to reset the Windows settings to default.
  • Last of all, scan your system with a good online virus scanner to make sure that you’re clean all the way. Here’s a list of online virus scanners:Free Online Virus Scanners



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7 responses to “Solution: Remove Ahsan’s Computer Virus Infection Completely”

  1. Declan Sylvester Adams

    I really wanna compliment the above steps in removing the malicious infection that deletes the executables. Hey guys, it works but my worries now is, is there any software ready to tackle the infections?

    1. Sanix

      Declan Sylvester Adams, I haven’t been able to find a specific tool that automatically removes this virus. But you can try out any free realtime antivirus that will protect you from all the malware threats. You can see our top 5 free antivirus softwares.

  2. luka john

    this formula seem to work on only windows os

  3. Ghulam H

    Thanks dude, great sharing and worked well.

  4. keithmoore

    the Ashans virus is deadly, anyway, thanks to these steps which recued me from its deadly act

  5. jovshelle

    ! ! ! great ! ! ! thank you so much for helping me! ! ! god blesz.! sht000 ahsan has already remove from my pc.! ! ! great job ! ! !

  6. ROcks271089

    great help for me…
    everything is fixed and itz just awesome…